ps3 network problems
  • hi i was having no trouble connecting to the internet through my ps3 it was working really well but i did not use the internet for a week and yesterday when i used it again i got stuck now when i want to open a website through my ps3 it is taking forever to open the site and most of the times it does not even open the site if i try to download anything it goes for abot 100 kb per minute when i check the network settings and did an internet connection test i got the following details:
    obtain ip address: succeded
    internet connection: succeded
    playstation network connection: succeded
    UpnP: not available
    NAT type: type 2
    connection speed (download): failed
    connection speed (upload): failed
    i do not understand why is this happening it was working great before by the way i am using a wired connection and i am not using any router why is this happening can someone please help me
  • try resetting the modem you have and reset the settings on your ps3
  • =( So...I keep tryin to get into my PSHome, it gets right to where I can see my Home page, then I keep getting an error msg stating 'There has been a problem downloading some content'. I thought it was because I've had a low connection percentage, but that doesnt seem to be the reason...the connection improved, I still cannot get in. Is there any way to delete some downloads? Perhaps this is where my problem lies? Is there a possibility that I have a corrupted download?
  • Ms, you may need to delete Home then re-download it again (no worries about losing anything bought in Home, it will still be there).
  • Sounds like your download file is corrupt.

    Delete the old file and re-download. As Lyndon stated, anything you may have purchased will still be available to you.