• Hi. My name is Dana Conrad and I need to speak with customer service about charges by PLAYSTATION Network that are in my Visa card in error.. My Son, Jacobi Sitzman wanted to rent a movie to watch on his PSP- he didnt get to watch the movies because he would get a message that there wasn't enough space available to download the movies.

    Three charges are on my card now. Who do I need to contact to have the charges removed from my Visa?

    Would someone please contact me to let me know where & how I can how I can go about resolving this matter?

    Thank you,

    Dana Conrad
  • I'm afraid you reched the wrong "PlayStation Network", Conrad. We aren't actually a part of Sony- we picked that name for our forums a bit before Sony announced they would call their online service the same name.

    The number to call for Sony's customer service in North America is 1-800-345-7669.
  • Thank you very much for the number, I appreciate it.