Pls help me, Ii want to join PS network using PS3
  • I'm from philippines I joined playstation network becasue I'm having problems with PS3 connection, i wanted to join playstation network using my ps3 but connection wont get through becuae of one procedure that I need to put my country and address in order to finalize the membership. Philippines is not included in the list of countries and I think I affects the last procedure where I needed to put my address... ITher's no problem with Internet connection it's just the PS network membership.. Anyone can help me?
  • Pick a nearby country and make a fake address for that. Simple to do, really.
  • I did that already.. I think postal code should also apply with the address right?,.. I was asked to put 3 addresses do I also need to complete all three?
  • Postal code would apply, yes- it uses that to verify the country you are selecting. You shouldn't need to put in 3 addresses though, just the one.
  • Alright! I will look for an adress in a near by country including the postal code.. Thanks! I will update you.. Thank you sir.. More power, happy to be here.... =)