Disc reading error.
  • Hi.
    I have the PS2 Slim and it recently started doing some strange things. It does not freeze, exactly. The screen goes black and it says Error reading **game** disc. But the strange thing is that I can still hear the game going on. I was playing GTA: San Andreas and you can hear the traffic and all even with the screen all black and saying there was a reading error. It does not affect gameplay a lot, except that it happens fairly often and it bugs me. It also says error reading disc after cutscenes, whether I skip them or not.
    I have tried with other games and it still happens.

    Is it the lens or my discs? I buy most games second hand and they are in good condition, but not perfect.

    Thanks for the help.
  • It could well be a mix of the two (lens and the discs). Try giving the games a cleaning off using a soft cloth (preferably a microfibre) wiping from the center out to the edge- don't follow the grooves.

    If it doesn't help see if you can try the discs in another system. If they do the same thing then it most likely is the disc at fault. Considering it does this with all of your games, though, I would have to say it's the PS2 itself having problems.
  • I forgot to mention that the console has hit the floor about five times, none too hard, but this is the first time I have had any problems with it. I tried some more games on it and the only game that gives real trouble is GTA: San Andreas.
  • Then it definitely is the system- something would have been shaken out of alignment with the drops to the floor. Doing a fix for this would mean going into the insides of the system.
  • Oh, dang. I think I`ll just buy a new console. Thanks for the help anyway.