Wired connection failing
  • I have spent a week tirelessly trying to connect my PS3 online, and it just isn't happening. I've read countless FAQs and even had a friend come take a look at it, all to no avail. All I want to do is download a map pack off the PSN so I can play it offline with my friends. None of these game companies can simply sell a mappack on a seperate disc and make my life miserable.

    I am trying to hookup my PS3 to my Verizon Model# 6100G modem. When I plug the ethernet directly into my laptop (the one I'm using as I type this) it works just fine but a tad slow. When I plug the same ethernet cable into the PS3, I get an IP and an internet signal.

    The problem is I won't stay connected to the PSN for very long, have poor download times (like 600 minutes), or receive a DNS error. All I want to do is download this mappack and never connect to the PSN again. I'm desperate someone please help!!! :(
  • It may be the overall internet connection that is the problem if they can't get enough bandwidth to you to make the download happen.

    I would suggest finding the DNS Server numbers your provider uses and add these to your PS3's connection settings and, when switching the ethernet from your computer to the PS3, turn the modem off first to free up the IP address.
  • Ok it's been 2 days since my original post and I have an update. I had a friend come by that used to work for Verizon and he found the problem: it is intermittent connection failure on Verizon's end.

    We went to that 192. site to see the router settings, and I was only getting 26-32 kbps. My friend got Verizon on the phone and they agreed to write a ticket since it was something faulty on their end. They were supposed to call me the same day, and it's been 2 days without a word from Verizon.

    I woke up this morning and now my speed is at 736kbps. I don't know how long it will last for, but it seems to be up and down on speed with it being on the slow side 95% of the time.

    At least I know it isn't the PS3 giving me hell, that is until its time to re-plug the ethernet cable back in and give it another go and downloading.

    Are there actually any decent service providers? TWC is horrid and Verizon is proving to be even worse. AT&T is out of my area, perhaps Clear?
  • I would suggest having a browse over at The List. This site can look up your available service providers via your zip code and let you compare services/ rates.