Having issues signing in...
  • I just brought a 2nd hand PS3 slim and it's not letting me sign into my network account. I keep getting a message that say "you cannot sign in using another user's sign-in ID".

    Whenever I turn the ps3 on whoever owned the console before ID details are still there, can I wipe this from the ps3?
  • In order to remove that user you would need to be able to log in as them then select to delete. It sounds like the system is treating the original owner's ID as the default and, if he's logged into a different PS3, you wouldn't be able to.

    If you have your own user set up with your own e-mail and PSN name, though, you should still be able to log in as that then you can set your log in to log in automatically (found when hitting triangle and logged in as your own user).

    If this was bought locally I would suggest contacting the person you bought this from to come over and remove his PSN.
  • wat you need to do is create a new user then click on "sign up for psn" under the psn section and then look for use a existing account and put your information in there and it will let you sign in but your gonna have to use the new user only
  • it would be better if you completely restore the ps3, deleting everything off it. go into system settings and sytem restore.

    then create a new account, do all ur network settings and do what mr.albo sed,
    good luck