Lag issues with new LCD TV?
  • Hi guys im new here as I came across the forums while trying to find help for my current ps3 issue. Ok so I used to have a smaller TV
  • Lozza, if you are using the old red/white/yellow cable that came with the system you will see a BIG improvement using HDMI, which will let you take full advantage of the PS3 and tv's hi def capabilities..
  • Would the HDMI cord fix the lag issue Lyndon?
  • The likelihood of that is good that it will as, like I mentioned before, it will take full advantage of the tv's capabilities. The original composite cables aren't the way to go with lcd or plasma tv.
  • I purchased a HDMI cord today and the ps3 is no longer lagging at all. Thank you for all your help. The cord really improves the graphics!