Connection to PS Netrrok failing
  • I am beyond confused and just plain agitated at this point. For the past two months my connection to the PS Network has been horrible, with an average download speed of 350kbps and upload of 300kbps. On-line gaming is just not possible anymore with these speeds.

    I know my connection is PC, using, gets about 25 Mbps down and 8Mbps up. The PS3, when connected to the browser, again on gets about 8Mbps down and 3Mbps up. When I am connected to the PS Network the speed test either fails or has results as stated above. I have Comcast.

    Here's what I have done...
    - Restore system settings
    - Tried going wireless via D-link router (same speeds)
    - tried new Ethernet cables
    - unplugged modem and router for more than two minutes
    - bought new router
    - flushed the DNS
    - release/renew IP
    - hard reset both router and modem
    - hard shutdown of PS3

    Please offer any ideas you may have!
  • Well, finally, I seem to have made some progress. It would appear that the newer version of McAfee, and likely other Anti-virus software, have network firewalls built in. I had to do two things to resolve the issue:
    1. Tell McAfee that the device was trusted and to allow all activity
    2. Through the router I put the PS3 into a DMZ

    Download speeds, as reported by the "Internet Test" were 6.4Mbps down and 3.3Mbps up....significant difference, however game play still lags a fair amount. Playing World at War last night (I know it's old, but bored with MW2)....very laggy especially when I was host. Opponent were skipping all around.