Error 80710723 . & we can't log on
  • Hi guys,
    We have a PS3 and when initially set up we logged onto PS Network and set up an online account. It worked well. WE wanted a second account so the only way around this was to make a 2nd email address for a second user. This was OK until recently (last week) when the system doesn't log either my son or I in. It keeps coming up with the error number mentioned. When I check the internet connection it is fine.
    What should we do? Please help
  • It could be that your internet provider was having an unusual amount of traffic at the time or you need to do a bit of troubleshooting on your connection- that error means it timed out when trying to connect with the server.

    First thing I would suggest is (if using a router) is pull the power cord for it for about 30 seconds then plug in and try again. You may want to do this with the modem at the same time as well.