PS2 loading problems
  • i have the old ps2 sch3001 and it is having alot of problems loading games. Some examples : i played the first level of re4 and saved turned offps2 then later turned on and tried to load but it is stuck at the loading screen forever. also have lord of the rings 2 and it will only go to the 3rd level then gets stuck loading. This happens with most games i have it will get stuck at different points depending on the day but i have only had the ps2 for a few days now and bought it from someone else so i dont know its past. if someone could help me it would be greatly apprecitated
  • Sorry to say but this is most likely a hardware issue (and possibly why the person you bought it from was selling it). It's possible the system may be overheating and freezing up if the internal fan is not at its best.
  • ok what do you recomend i do? i highly suspect it is a laser problem since i have the sch3001 but i dont know the best way to fix it. thanks for your help
  • I would suggest first having a word with the person you bought it from to maybe get your money back. If that's not an option then you'll need to contact Sony regarding repairs, which they will charge for.