Devil May Cry 1 Question
  • i was wondering why in mission 4 some people fight the sin scissors and others the shadow cat thing. i can only get the shadow cat to appear, after beating phantom and avoiding him and running to the door. im just wondering what actions trigger what.
  • 1. Once started, run and step on the multi-colored circle.

    2. Lock on to him. DO not shoot yet.

    3. Once he try's to cut you, that is when you get ready to attack. Move close to him then stop and hit the Sin Scissors with the Alastor or Force Edge. The Sin Scissors mask should be looking away from Dante now.. While the Sin Scissors' mask is looking away from you, and run to the back of the Sin Scissors until Dante is standing directly in front of the mask. Make sure that you have unlocked because Dante will walk and not run.

    4. Now lock back on to him. Now the lock will be right on his mask. Now you can finish him off with one blast. If you run toward him, and shoot it will most likely hit the side of the mask and not finish him.

    5. You have to be quick, because he might recover faster than you think.