How do i Bridge a wireless and lan connection.
  • hey,

    im on Win XP

    I have a USB wireless adapter that gets a signal from a 2wire brand router from my sister next door. thats what i use for my internet connection.

    in my network connections, i have two other local area connections. one is, "3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI For Complete PC Management NIC (3C905C-TX)" and the other is, "Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection" which is the one i use to use when i had a cable connection for internet instead of wireless. theres also something in my network connections that is listed as, "Incoming Connections". in the properties, it lists what devices allow incoming connections and a check box for virtual private network.

    my ps2 has a CAT5e ethernet cable running from it, straight into the back of my computer, where i used the cable when i had cable internet.

    all the network connections are enabled, and none have internet connection sharing enabled.

    i can bridge my wireless connection and my "local area connection 2", which is the Intel Pro/100. after that, both the wireless and the bridged network are connected.

    i put in the second disk for Metal gear solid 3: subsistence to try and make a network configuration but it wont connect. it times out when it tests the connection.

    i went over to my sisters and it connects fine when connected directly to the router.

    please help

    update: i realized i need a crossover cable. so i modified my cable but the bridge method still didnt work. i tried switching to internet connection sharing and was able to create a network configuration on the ps2 and it tested fine.

    so i turn off the ps2 and put in an online game i want to play, killzone. when i go to connect with it, my computer will show that the network cable is unplugged, then it unable to connect in the game!!! im noticing that im not receiving any packets in the status of my connection for the ps2.

    im able to connect the killzone online if i turn off internet sharing and turn it back on. it seems to not work after i shut off the ps2 once after enabling internet sharing. what a nuisance! anyone have any advice?