Borderlands Update Error Please Help!
  • I just got an addon for the game ''Borderlands'' on my ps3. The addon is called ''Secret Armory of General Knoxx'' and after the 2 hour download, and the 5 minute installation, i tried playing the game, but when i started up Borderlands, it said that i needed to install an update for the software before playing it. I think it said it was update v1.02. But when i click OK and it starts to install, it will either be at 0%, 1%, or 2%, then it will stay there and it wont move. It will stay there for about 5-10 minutes, and the timer which says how much longer left until the download is done will be jumping from 5 mins to 600 minutes, which then it gets an error and it exits. Whenever i retry this process it will do the same thing over and over again. Please help me with this error.
  • Actually i misspoke, i ment to say it said update v1.03. also, i can press cancel before pressing OK when the update message pops up, and i can still play the game, yet my recent addon, general knoxx, will not work, it will not be enabled.
  • You could try deleting the game data for Borderlands (not your save data) and let the system re-install this along with grabbing the update. Then go into your store download history and re-do the General Knoxx download.