Hard Drive Upgrade help
  • If I replace my ps3 hard drive, can I use the old hard drive to restore data if I put a hard drive enclosure on it?
  • You would be able to use an external drive to make back ups of your game saves, music, videos, etc.. The PS3 would no doubt reformat the old drive once plugged into the USB port so make sure you don't have anything on here you don't want erased. You'll want to move your saves and such on to a USB stick before making the swap.
  • But can I use the old ps3 hard drive to restore data, ie. if I swap the drives without backing up, then connect the old ps3 hard drive to the ps3 and choose to restore backed up data would that work?
  • No, I don't believe it would. Like I mentioned, when you connect the external on the PS3 would be wanting to format it.