playstation network sign in issue
  • hi new member here
    having probs with ps3 network sign in it keeps resetting itself. auto sign has worked for years but now keeps telling me wrong password so i change it and it accepts the change logs me in ok then next day blocks my log in saying password wrong so i have to keep changing it. why is it not keeping password and how do i fix it.
    ps on wireless network and other wireless equipment fine
  • i need to know how to play games on line i dont have a phone line only a wireless dongle can it be done
  • Sycodiablo, you may need to call Sony on that one- there's no reason for it to be doing what you say it does.

    Malc, if your internet stick doesn't use 3G/ 3GS then i wouldn't try, the speeds wouldn't be fast enough otherwise. You would need some crossover ethernet cable to connect your PS3 to the computer then set up internet connection sharing on the PC. It can be a bit tricky to set up and some internet sticks just won't work for it. You may want to look into getting cable or DSL if it is available in your area.