• Hi all,

    new to here, hope you dont mind a question so soon.

    Im playing GT4 on PS2 and i have gold everywhere except on 1 race....hang on thats not quite true...i have a few endurance races to complete too...
    It is in special conditions on hard, only 2 races, one each way on the rally circuit cathedral rocks.
    It has to be said that i have been trying to do these for ......who knows....forever and i just cannot get a win.
    Obviously this is preventing me from getting into the extreme conditions....

    is there a way of either winning these or bypassing them with a code???

    I know, i know....ive got this far doing it properly but this stage is testing my patience, im frankly impressed ive not hoofed the thing out of the window!!!

    Anyway, just a thought.

    thank you...