• Hello I have a Mac laptop and a 3 mobile internet connection. the last 2 days i've been trying to connect my ps3 online despite many phone calls even to the sony ps helpline ive had no luck. My ps3 knowledge and computer knowledge is basic. I have the cable which connects the laptop and internet connection to the ps3. My ps3 was pre owned so i dont know if this is a problem. There seems to be an issue with the IP address even when i put it in manually. Can you help me?
  • The PS3 being pre-owned shouldn't make any sort of difference unless the person that had it before was stupid enough to get himself (and consequently the PS3) barred from online play.

    If this is a direct connection to the modem you need to pull the power from it when you swap the ethernet cable- this frees up the IP address so that it can be assigned to the PS3 (and vice versa when swapping back) and get you online.