Theres a Problem with the Network connection. It fails?
  • Just got my new Playstation 3 a few days again. Grabbed myself Call of duty 2 modern warfare and jumped online. I have been online for a couple of days and then when i got on about 2-1 days ago. It wouldnt let me get onto the internet.

    I did a quick internet connection test and found out that my playstation network failed. Im using a bigpond thompson kind of modem lol. I disabled the media server connection but still not working.

    I have read up on familiar problems but do not understand what people are talking about.( The people that are answering the problem) So if you could please explain in good detail That would be great.

    I dont know what it could be? It just says the playstation network fails. So i persumed That the actual playstation company was 'down' Or something. But it has been happening for a few days now so.. Im starting to get worried. Please Help :)

    Thank you very much.

    Yours truly, TylerTheElementor

  • :p Woops I put a few days again..

    I meant a few days Ago. And actually i got it about a weeek Ago.

    Thanks :D):p