problems connecting with friends
  • hi, im sure this has been asked before but i dont seem to be able to find an adequate solution anywhere. i can connect to strangers on ps3 online (tiger 11, fifa 10) but can never connect with any of my friends. i am able to send, receive and accept game invites but it just hangs and then says game session no longer available. i have used wireless and wired connection to my hub, also switched firewall off, sorted out shared applications direct to ps3 but nothing works. please can anyone help or at least point me to the right place that can? thanks.
  • Hard to say what would be causing that, quite honestly. This sounds more like one for the Sony support team at 1-800-345-7669 (if you are in North America).
  • Ok thanks. i'm in uk so will try find number.
  • For the UK it's 0844 7360595.