needing to update key, need help please
  • you ever get so fed up your ready to throw your ps3 out the window? im there, i have the 20gb version so no wireless wifi, i dont have a ethernet and even if i did my router is about 80 feet away from my i try downloading the updates online to my sandisk usb and then interting it into the ps3 but it says it can not find anything..ive saved it on the usb 3 times and still nothing..the ps3 keeps saying it wont let me play the BD because some verification key needs updating..PLEASE HELP!!
  • The firmware update files need to be put into specific folders on the USB key for the PS3 to see them. Make a folder on the key called PS3 and, inside it, make another one labeled UPDATE (the names have to be in caps to work). When you grab the firmware file put it into the UPDATE folder the PS3 will have no problems finding it.
  • ok heres what i did, i created a folder called PS3 in caps, and then i double click it and i created a folder inside it called UPDATE in caps, i insterted my sim card from my cell phone into my usb device and put the device into the usb port, i downloaded the firmware update and once it was done i click locate, once i did that i right clicked and then click make shortcut to desk top once it did that, i went to my desktop and i clicked and dragged it top the new folder i created then i clicked the new folder and i dragged it into the folder i created inside it called UPDATE..i then put the usb device into the ps3 and then i go to settings and i click system update then update via storage device and it still says no applicable update data was found, can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?
  • bump for more help please
  • If you want to just set the folders up first then, when you click to download, point to the UPDATE folder as the spot to save.Otherwise, save the update in a spot you can remember, open up windows for both spots then drag it over to the UPDATE folder.