Trouble connecting PS2 to the net
  • Hi all,

    I am somewhat new to the world of gaming, so please forgive any outrageously stupid questions I might ask.

    I live in the UK and my brother lives in the Netherlands. We have both purchased second-hand PS2s because we have been led to believe we can connect these to the internet and play games together. We understand many games have been discontinued but that some remain available to be played online for the time being.

    At present I have bought a slimline PS2 and several games that according to some websites can still be played online. I do not, however, have a Network Access Disc (due to the PS2 being second hand). Having searched the web I found that Medal of Honor: Rising Sun comes with this utility, so have used this to try and connect to the network.

    I have connected the PS2 by ethernet cable to a router, which in turn is connected to a modem. My laptop is connected to the same router using a wireless connection. I have set the IP and DSN configuration as automatic, like they are on my laptop. I have tried setting it up stating my ISP does not require a password and tried entering a username and password provided to me by my ISP years ago when I joined them. I have switched off the modem, router and PS2 and then restarted them in that order before trying to connect, but in both cases when testing the connection, eventually it times out. I have tried connecting the PS2 directly to the modem, but this also times out.

    Am I doing something wrong here? I know I am not very computer literate, so it may be something very obvious.

    I would really appreciate any help you would be able to give me.

  • I have disconnected everything, switched everything off, reconnected everything and switched everything back on, and the test now runs successfully.

    My joy was short-lived however. Upon trying to connect Rainbow Six: Lockdown, I am met by the following message:

    "Connection Error. Could not access the external network device. Please check all connections and reconnect."

    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 delivers the same message when I try to connect that.

    I have gone back to the network configurations and tested the connection again. It still says the test is successful, but the games insist there is a connection error. I think now I am even more confused.

    Is anybody able to offer advice?
  • The router takes care of any logging in so you shouldn't have even needed to bother specify this.

    What I would suggest doing is fire up the PS2 with no game in it and hit the triangle button to bring up the system information. You'll see the PS2's MAC Address. Mark this down then go into the router settings. What you will need to do is set up a reserved IP address for the PS2 then add this in manually to the PS2's settings along with the router's IP address, the Subnet Mask and the DNS servers. The address reservation should either be in the DHCP section or in the Advanced area, depending on the make and model of the router. If having troubles finding it you should be able to check the manual at the maker's site or on the set up CD that came with the router.

    To simplify things a bit you can also avoid doing port forwarding by putting the address you give the PS2 into the router's DMZ, which will put it outside your firewall (also in the Advanced area).
  • You are a star! Thank you so much. It took me while, but going through all your steps I can now connect to the games online.

    Thanks again.