Changing my email.
  • Hey there, my name is Igor Botic and i have a quistion. When i bought the playstation 40gb version i made a Network account with that profile on the playstation. Now 2 years later i want to change the email address and logging name of that accout. The account name at the moment is [email][/email]. The problem im having at the moment is, it always was on auto logging and i didnt know that u couldnt log in with a new network account on ur playstation profile because its linked to the account i made back then. But now when i tried it i took of the auto-login and save password and i cant logging on [email][/email]. I cant retrieve my password because for some reason i wasnt 18 at the time and used a fake birth datum. And u need that to get u password back, but even if i knew it, i couldnt get into the email [email][/email] because i got hacked on that email and had to make a new one. [email][/email] is that password. Now what i was hoping from u guys is, could u change the profile name to [email][/email] and send me a password because i really dont want to lose all my thropies and friends i have on that accout.

    Hope on hearing from you guys soon,

    Thanks in advance for replying.

    Igor Botic.
  • I'm afraid we won't be able to help with your PSN profile, Igor- we are not a part of Sony here. You'll need to contact them about being able to get things set up (although, without being able to remember the birth date you used or the secret question answer you set up it may be almost impossible to get them to reset things). The number to cal should be in your PS3 manual.