help connecting ps3 to D-LINK DI-514
  • hi all new too all this sorry if it has been asked before but i'm trying to connect ps3 to the D-LINK DI-514 wireless can anyone help please
  • Easily done but it works best to add as much information into both the router and the PS3 as possible.

    First up, get the PS3's MAC Address (found in Settings>System Settings>System Information) then get on the computer and into the router settings. Click on DHCP along the left side and set up a reserved IP address for the PS3. Once you have this saved and marked down go to the Status tab and also mark down the Subnet Mask, the router's IP address and the DNS servers. If you have encryption set up on the router be sure to mark down the "key" for this as well.

    Now, before getting back on to the PS3 to set things up there you may want to take care of the port forwarding. We have the ports needed listed above. You put these in via the Advanced tab and selecting "Applications" along the left side. Alternately, put the IP address you made for the PS3 into the DMZ (also found in the Advanced section) to avoid messing with a bunch of extra settings.

    With this all done, get back on to the PS3 and enter in the numbers you wrote down into the PS3 connection settings and the test should pass with flying colors!
  • thanks Lyndon M will try this when i get in from work, it the above router good or is there a better one i can use
  • I can honestly say I haven't had any problems with it other than once in a while having to give it a power cycle (unplug the power for 30 seconds then start it up again) but this is usually once in maybe a month or so.