• :huh:

    Hey, what's up guys?

    There's a question that is killing me since a long time ago:

    Do you know about an aplication for PC that creates games for PSX?, I'd like to create my own games.

    I've got a problem with Eagle One: Harrier Attack, after complete the first mission appears an message that says DISC Error, that appears in all the languages and the disc isn't damaged.

    Could you teach me how to create an NES emulator disc?

    Thatz all for now, have a nice day.

  • No, there's no "application/ program" for making PSOne games. You would need to find yourself one of the Net Yaroze PlayStation systems that Sony put out (in very limited quantities) to be able to make any games playable on a PlayStation.

    If the disc isn't damaged then the system itself may be the problem. Odds are, though, it is the disc and the system is having problems with reading the data needed past that first mission.

    As we have mentioned in the thread both pinned in the top of this section and in the PSOne Console section, we do not condone or support ANY piracy- this includes emulators for systems that are no longer sold.