Another PSN connection issue. :/
  • I have a Netgear Wireless router WGR614v6.

    I'm connecting my PS3 wirelessly with a 100%-85% signal strength. I've been having issues with connection and I've come across this forum. After spending the past couple of hours reading threads and making changes to my PS3 and router settings, I believe I've hit a road block.

    This is what happens when I "Test my Internet Connection" from my PS3. I have been able to "Aquire an IP address" and it passes the "Internet Connection" test. However, when it checks for the PSN network, It fails and UPnP and NAT is blank.

    Here is what I have done so far:

    1. Manualy assigned an IP adrees in my router using the PS3's MAC Address.

    2. Opened the ports listed in other threads via port forwarding.

    3. Manualy inputed the IP information such as Submask, IP addresses, and DNS addresses listed in my router status page in the PS3 during the wireless connection setup.
    4. And. I've done a power cycle on the 3 devices.

    My question about port forwarding is when I enter the "server address," this is the address I manually assigned to my PS3, and not the router address, correct?

    What else could be preventing me from resolving the PSN issue?
  • You have it right about the server address- this should be the IP you gave your PS3.

    Only thing I can think of that may be preventing the online would be to check for an update to the router's firmware over at Netgear's site. You may also want to try putting that address for the PS3 into your router's DMZ, which would forego the need for the port forwarding.
  • I did a firmware update as well on the router, I forgot to list that one :/

    Today, I picked up some ethernet cord and did a wired conenection and it works great. I was trying to avoid a wire going threw the house and/or drilling holes in the wall to get the cable into the office where the router is located.
    I've had wireless connection issues ever since the PS3 update to 3.40. Oh well, looks like this will have to do, and I appreciate the help Lyndon.

    Maybe if I'm feeling creative again I'll give it another try, but for now.. it works. It's definitly a better connection speed anyway ;)