Using online games as Network Access Disc
  • Hi there,

    stupid newbie here again. Hope someone can help me with another small problem...

    I was reading on the forum that all PS2 games with network play can be used to connect the PS2 to the internet. However, my brother is having some trouble with this.

    I managed to connect my PS2 using Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, which comes with the Network Access utility. My brother on the other hand is trying with Rainbow Six (both 3 and Lockdown) and Brothers in Arms (Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood), which do not seem to have the Network Access utility. When he goes to multiplayer - online play it states "please use your network access disc to create your network configuration file". Is there some way for him to use any of these games to connect, or should I just mail him my copy of Medal of Honor?
  • It would maybe be quicker if he can rent a copy of the game from Blockbuster or other rental store to get the set up rather than waiting for your disc in the mail. Just sayin'. ;)