Problem with Harry Potter years 1-4
  • Have a BIG problem with this game. As you can see by my name i'm very new to this gaming business!! I bought my children a Playstation 3 for the summer holidays. At the very start of this game when Harry and the guy in the brown coat with black hair and beard (don't know who he is as i haven't seen any of the films lets call him Mr X) are in the Leaky Cauldron I have an almost cardboard looking thing coming from Mr X. These are along the x and y axis taking his head as point 0. This makes the game very hard as you can't see where the heck you are going and if there's 2 of you playing it's very rubbish cos you can't see past these cardboard like projections from Mr X. Please can anyone tell me what they are and how I get rid of them????
  • Your description of "Mr. X" sounds like the character Sirius Black to me. You can't get rid of the "cardboard bit" (honestly have no idea what you mean by this, I've not seen any sort of mention of this elsewhere) but here are the main doors in the Leaky Cauldron area:

    Main Door: This is in the near right corner, and appears as a sort of glowing
    doormat. Step on it and you'll be asked if you want to "Continue Story",
    which will either send you back to Hogwarts or to the next Story Event,
    depending on the circumstances that you left.

    Notice Board: These are your means for replaying old Story Events, either
    going through the Story again or in Free Play Mode. They appear on the post
    in the inn, and also have glowing doormats in front of them. Step on them
    and you'll be allowed to select your Story Event. After which, you'll
    select Replay Story or Free Play Mode.

    Cinema Room: Go up the stairs and through the door on the landing to find a
    back hallway leading to a room where you can view all cinematics you've seen.

    Back Door: On the back wall on the main floor is the exit to Diagon Alley.

    Basement: Once you learn Reducto, you can blast the basement door, which
    leads to the area where you build kits using the Gold Bricks you've earned
    in Story Events. Finishing each of these will earn you an extra Gold Brick.