• I actually have two questions. I am new to the psp and just heard about a cwcheat. I was wondering if you could tell me what it is and if it is advised (my sister likes to cheat on games). I also just got Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley and my sister was wondering if there is a way to not lose stamina so fast. In other words, she wants to know if there is a cheat or something so she can collect wood and fish as long as she wants. Thanks for the help.
  • The "cwcheat" is more of a hack that one can use to enable different sorts of cheats in a game. It is something you have to download to use. We don't support or endorse the sort of thing these programs do as it is possible you can do damage to the PSP using them (which would in turn void your warranty).

    As for Harvest Moon, there are no cheats of any sort for the game that have been brought forward yet. Afraid your sister is going to have to earn her way through that one! ;)
  • Thanks, i'll let her know. I'll also tell her I'm not downloading the cwcheat if it will mess up my system. Thanks for the help.