Entering Silent Hill Cheats into GameShark
  • I have a Gameshark/Plug-In Mod, I have found Silent Hill cheat codes and have been entering them in (for Infinite Health and Infinite Ammo) but for the life of me I can not get these to work.

    Is there a Master code I should be using? If so I am unable to find one anywhere.

    Any suggestions?

    The codes I have been using is from this site: Silent Hill Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

    Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  • I removed your link for the GameShark as we do have a thing about linking to commercial sites (especially those that sell items that can be used to play pirated games). ;)

    There is no "master code" to use in conjunction with this game- if they aren't working it may be the version of GameShark you have.
  • Sorry about the link, this was my first post and didnt know, will make sure I dont do this again.

    I have kind of given up trying to get the codes to work now and am just going to settle playing the game on my PC with an emulator (I can get cheats to work there).

    Thanks for the info though :)
  • We also don't like the mention of emulators in here. We are very much against the use of anything that allows play of pirated games here at AP, even if said games have been off the market for a few years.