Playstation replace media server?
  • Hi Guys/ Girls,

    Im new to the forum and this is my first post so be gentle.

    I have a few questions, I dont have a PS3 yet but was thinking of getting one to replace my media server in my front room.

    My media server runs my pc games in HD via HDMI cable. It has a duel HD/ blueray DVD writer and is a very powerful machine. duel quad core 6GB ram 2 8800GTX Geforce GCs. Linked up to my 40" sony bravia.

    The reason im thinking of getting shot of this machine is because 1. Its makes my flat so god dam hot. 2. Its noisy. 3. all my mates are on ps3 .4 takes up a lot of room and very dusty.

    Here are my questions. as my friends are useless.

    1. Can ps3 play HD discs as well as blue ray. if not is there a hack?
    2. With my PC i have to use special software to watch blueray discs is this the case with ps3? or does it just work?
    3. Sad to say but never really used a controller. is it easy to get used to a controller from keyboard/mouse? i have heard games like COD are hard to get head shots etc?
    4. I have a NAS with movies on. can the ps3 access this nas on my network and play the movies? do you need to install codecs? divx tc?
    5. Can you access the internet? like facebook etc i have seen my mate on you tube but can you go to any site?
    6. What your gaming experience like. Never really played online other than Steam and dont know any else that uses it. bit lonely lol.
    7. i know there is now a scaled down version of the ps3 i think its called the slim or something like that. Is there any differences between that and the normal shaped one?

    Anyway, I would love to to hear from any PS3 guru that can answer these questions for me as i really want to get involved.


  • Welcome aboard Dean. Feel free to let us know a bit more about yourself in The Front Door. I'll take your questions in order.

    1. If by HD you mean HD-DVD then no, the PS3 cannot play them and there is no work around/ hack.

    2. No special software needed- it works just as well as a standalone Blu-Ray player.

    3. I'm sure you'll soon find the PS3 controller to be one of the best ones to use and the transition to this from computer gaming wll be relatively smooth.

    4. No codec installing to be done (Sony handles adding more codecs via firmware updates). The PS3 already handles most common formats so it should work.

    5. Yes, you can access the internet but, to be honest, the PS3's browser is a bit lacking. You'll likely want to keep the PC around for that.

    6. The gaming experience has been excellent other than finding the occasional idiot online (which you will on any platform including PC).

    7. The PS3 slim has all the same abilities but uses smaller chips on the mobo for less heat.