wired connection in dorm.
  • Im attending UBCO in kelowna, bc, canada anddddddddd ive been trying to hook up my ps3 to the internet with the ethernet cord. each room comes with a motorola modem and an ethernet cord. so i plug the ethernet cord into my laptop and everything wworks great. i plug it into my ps3 and the internet doesnt work. i finally did some manual stuff on the ps3 and i got it to read the ip address but internet connection faiils. when i try to sign in it says "An error occurred during communication with the server. This is a DNS error. (80710102). i am stumped on what to do to fix JUST the DNS. and the Primary and Secondary DNS under the connection settings i both entered manually. soooooo im not sure :( help meee pleasee i wannna play mw2 online sooo bad!!
  • To be honest, Kezia, you may need to have a talk with the people that run the IT down at UBCO. Most times these networks are very much locked down and the ports the PS3 would need open would be most likely closed. They may have to do some other settings like add your PS3's MAC Address into a "white list" of allowed devices.
  • is there anything else i can do. because what if its not something to do with the school? but youre probably right. hahaha