Clicking problem with ps1
  • recently hooked up the old ps1 today and noticed it was making a repetitive clicking sound while tryin to read a spinning disk. Took apart and cleaned laser and it still made a clicking sound. The sound goes for about 10 seconds or so totalling around 12-15 clicks or something like that. I then leaned the console on its side and was able to get clicking sound to go away while it was on its side but it still wouldnt read any disks. I have a ps2 and know the games work so its a problem with the ps1. Help appreciated
  • That clicking means your PSOne's lens is out of alignment- it's rubbing up against the disc.

    Eventually even the old "flip on the side" trick won't work. You may be best off just using the PS2 for all the gaming seeing as it will use the PSOne controllers and memory cards as well.