Ratchet & Clank PS2
  • Where is the metal detector???
  • You get the Bolt Detector when you meet up with the plumber on planet Batalia.
  • Thank you!!!!!!!!
  • Ummm, where's the plumber?
  • You actually have to wait until your second visit to the planet to get this.

    Once arriving on Planet Batalia, go down the ramp and take the Taxi to the left. You will end up on the metal walkway! Woot! Don't you love using the Magneboots? So do I! Travel along to the left and destroy the Robots that shoot you with electricity. Don't get hit too many times, and be sure not to fall off. When you come to the ground, kill the Reproducing Machines, as well
    as the Gun-Toting Robot. On the left are two Tanks. Don't go there now,
    instead, go to the right. Screw the screw into place to connect the bridge.
    This will be your new shortcut, in case you die.

    Go back to the Tanks and take off their heads with the Devastator. This will
    make things a lot easier on you, as there is a screw here to turn, and if you
    refuse to take out the Tanks, they will take you out. It's not murder if it's
    self-defense. That's what my lawyer said, at least. Watch the cut-scene after you enter the doorway. Use the Turret, and watch your radar for incoming missiles. Blow them up before they reach you. Destroy the bigger ships first by taking out their engines. This is easy once you get the hang of it.

    After you destroy the big ships with the Turret, you are rewarded with a very neat little gadget: The Metal Detector! Yes, it collects bolts in certain
    areas. Just be sure to always keep a look out for the Bolt logo and a red
    exclamation point in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. After collecting this, head back to the ship to go for the snowy Planet of Hoven!