007 the world is not enough
  • hi, if someone can help me with this problem i would very much appreciate it.

    I'm up to the "Turncoat" level with the Bullion guy in it. I kill all the guys in the alley then go through the door into what I think is a subway or something, I then kill all the guys in there. But after this I cant work out where to go, I have tried using the pen exploksive everywhere but to no avail.

    Can anyone tell me what I do next?
  • If its after youve got off the train and bullion says something about a bomb then you have to use the pen explosive with the sealed door.
  • ahh DO I have to get ON the train??? i havent done, that, how do i do that??????????
  • When you killed all the bad guys i think it was just to go next to the doors and use them.
  • yeah ive got it now, i have no idea what i was doing before, im such a fool