• If anyone has played Powerslave, I would like a recommendation on another game that is similar. I really enjoyed it and haven't found anything comparable.
  • what kind of game is powerslave, ill tell you some good games once i know what kind of game it is.
  • yeah i read youre post about 6:30 i dident know wut u ment so wut kind of game is powerslave??? and is it fun???
  • [b]It's a first person shooter,guys.Only games I can think to recommend are Medal Of Honor and Medal Of Honor 2.
  • Hmmmm,first person shooter huh,hmm I recommend you to buy Rainbow six,Rainbow six Rouge spear,quake 2,quake 3....Thats all I know oh wait threres another one The sniper thats a good game.So if you have any question feel free to ask.
  • hey u know what i recommand final doom its old but 2 me its cool
  • 1st person shooters are nit kind of my games, but only in PS.

    I like it better to be played in PC, because its more exciting. Have you ever heard of the game counter-strike? I like that game because we use Lan games, and it really is a blood bath!!. :cool:
  • If you like games like Doom you might enjoy - Exhumed, Duke Nukem Series, Syphon Filter, MGS, Medal of Honour or even Disruptor.... Hope this Helps

  • Yeah, I'd reccommend the Doom games too.
  • I'd reccomend MGS, Medal of Honor and Syphon Filter.

    I too LOVE the Doom & Quake series, but having played them on the PC, I can't vouch for thier playability on a PS system.
  • Quake 2 is good on the PS1, especially with a mouse as the targeting is a lot easier. The cross hair is on the target in an instant with the mouse. It feels odd at first but you soon get used to using the mouse and joypad at the same time.
  • Forsaken is a pretty good PSx first-person shooter.
  • i would recomend syphon filter
  • i would stay away from rainbow 6 and go for medal of honour. stay away from mgs cause it is 2 short, way 2 short

  • FPS's that i can think of that i really enjoyed playing were Medal of Honour 1&2 and Doom, they are 3 excellent games :biggrin: