• Hi! What soccer teams do you like!

    for all english what football tem do you like.


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  • Now this is my kinda topic!!! I'm a fan of the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion!!! (don't say anything Gid... don't say a thing!) now in erm... Division 2 :unsure: :cry: I'm a season ticket holder and travel to as many away games as possible for a 15 year old! I'm Brighton till i die!
  • Manchester united since i was a tot (there is a pic of me with my uncle at about 3 months old with a united hat on.

    also wigan athletic who just been promoted WOOOHOO!!!!!
  • Oh no!

    A man u supporter!

    i'm gonna have a massive grudge on you now! :fight:

    I support chelsea!!!

    Well I just hope they win against liverpool and then we are in the CHAMPIONS LEAGE!!! :disco:

    Anyway i made this topic ecspecialy for you daniel. But my dad won't like you he's a crystle palice fan! :unsure:



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  • And you can tell your Dad...

    "When I was just a little boy
    I asked my mummy
    What should I be?
    Should I be Brighton?
    Should I be Palace?
    Here's what she said to me
    "Wash your mouth out son
    And go get your father's gun
    And shoot the Palace scum
    Shoot the Palace scum"


    :bash: :doh: ;) :D

    I went to both Brighton - Palace games this season, it creates a great atmosphere! However that game at Selhurst Park is one i'd sure like to forget...

    Good luck against Liverpool! I hate Gerard Houllier, and my two uncles are Chelsea season ticket holders, so i hope you do it. Plus if you qualify for the Champions League we'll get to see Zola for another year! What a player!!
  • Your telling me dan!

    Zola is probably one of the best football players in the leage at the moment, and he's about 36! :2cool:
    But I hate palace aswell I just wish chelsea could play palace then I could slater my dad with coments about us winning against him. :bash:

    But then thats never gonna happen. :cry:

    Anyway keep the postin going!


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  • Zola just beat Dave Beasant (Albion keeper) to veteran of the year award this year! (Dave Beasant is 44!!! and still as agile and flexible as ever in goal!! Every team needs some good experience.

    Are Chelsea going to be making any summer signings? If you do fail to qualify you'll need a replacement for Zola, and i think Hasselbaink should go, he's not been the same since the transfer speculation to Barca last season. Just keep your hands off our Bobby!!!!

    True Chelsea will never beat Palace, because Palace will never get upto the Premiership again :woot: :disco: Although now we won't be playing them next season either, down in Division 2 :(

    But we'll back as f*****g champions!!!
  • Hasslebank should deffenetly go. He stated off good but now he's just :swear: .
    As you said every team needs some expirience but if zola goes where are we going to get one :unsure:. I hope you do get to the 1st division and then you can get your own back on palace :bash:.

    Anyway cudicini best keeper in the premiership? :think:
    Well I think so anyway, not just because he plays for chelsea but his reactions are f*****g good!
  • The Premiership is gifted with some great keepers. Carlo Cudicini, Anti Niemi, Brad Friedel, Shay Given, Paul Robinson, David Seaman (what a save against Sheff Utd!! Best i've ever seen) although Fabien Barthez is NOT one of them! He has his moments but is far too flamboyent for his own good, so it looks like one of those keepers is off to Man Utd in the summer... i've heard it will be one of Robinson, Niemi or Cudicini... although i doubt it will be Cudicini, most probably Robinson, or Niemi.

    Oh, and Cudicini for England!!! ;) Unfortunately he's ruled it out though :( :unsure:

    And speaking of England, Wayne Rooney... what a player!! No doubt the future of English football!

    And i can't believe we're the only two football fans on this forum...

    Please say it's not true! Cudicini not playing for England!!! :cry:

    My life is over.

    Everything is ruind.

    Ok i'm over it now. Fabien Bartez is the worst keeper ive seen in the premiership at the moment he's rubbish and small! But as for wane rooney he's unbilevable, but for me we are bringing to much young players in and not any experienced players in.
    Seamen is getting a bit to old now so we need a new goal keeper!

    I can't belive were the only to football supporters on here! :blink:

    Who do you think should replace seman?
  • Well, Carlo Cudicini would be the obvious choice :D

    But let's look at all the realistic possibilties...

    David James - "Calamity James" seriously overrated, he's c**p!

    Paul Robinson - The best possible replacement, was excellent in the Champion's League for Leed's a few season's back, he can defiantely play on the bigstage, and he's set for a move to either Man Utd or Arsenal this summer he has huge potential to be David Seaman's replacement.

    Chris Kirkland - Was doing well for Liverpool when he came in for Jerzy Dudek, but then tragically he broke his leg, it all depends whether he can pick up from where he left off... had great potential before his injury, but now..? And especially with Dudek having reclaimed his place in goal for 'Pool.

    Richard Wright - Even more inconsistant than Fabien Barthez. And even worse than James.

    Dave Beasant - :disco: Despite being 5 years older than Seaman, i'm sure he could still do a great job!!! ;)

    We've got to give Robinson some run-outs in goal for the upcoming friendlies, i'm sure he's up to it.

    The problem with Wayne Rooney is that he has huge potential, but it can all be ruined if he is rushed and played too soon, i think the decision to take him to South Africa is a wrong one, he need's his rest in the summer so he's at his best when we need him for the Euro 2004 qualifier's, and not play him in these pointless friendlies.
  • i think the decision to take him to south africa is a wrong one[/b]

    I agree!

    We are so exited about rooney playing that we just want to play him every match!
    I mean he's only a youngster, what is he 17! :blink:
    I say don't go to africa and when the rest of the team come back let him into matches gentley. We don't wat him injured! :bash:

    Oh changing the subject slightly here but where are you from?
  • Yep too true, he's only 1 year older than me, and i know i couldn't handle playing 20 odd games in the Premiership and playing regularly for England in my first season... the boy must be knackered!!

    I'm from Brighton, hence being a Brighton fan... (i wouldn't support them otherwise! They're my home side so i have a season ticket to see all home games)

    Oh, and by the way, a word of advice on quoting, if you want to quote another member, you just have to press the little "Quote" button to the top-right of the member's post you want to quote, much easier!
    :think: :peace:
  • Ahh! Thanks for that.

    Anyway back to the subject. :rules:

    Who's going to win euro 2004?

    For me (apart from england) I hope a really low down team win it someone wales
    (no offence to welsh people or supporters)
  • I,m one of the few Canadian soccer fans and i say go Man U
  • Typical... Man Utd! :rolleyes: The team every foreigner supports! ;) Well it's been a good year for you lot anyway, at least you beat Arsenal to the league! Nice one! I couldn't put up with another year of Arsenal fans boasting. (they're getting worse than the Utd fans!)

    As for Euro 2004, assuming with even qualify! Just think how good Wayne Rooney will be in another year's time! I don't really know who is going to win it, Italian clubs are doing well in the Champion's League this season, perhaps they have a chance. Wales have been doing great in the qualifiers, so who know's... to be honest i think it's too early to call i haven't even thought of it yet!
  • Typical...Man United :rolleyes: [/b]

    I deffently agree dan. Most man united supperters are glory hunters who just love the praise when they win! But well done on leeds beating arsenal and preventing them winning the chamionchip :disco:!!! But I still don't like the thought that man u won the premierchip :cry:

    Euro 2004

    Well for me I think we are going to win it. (Really...i'm not joking!)
    Weve got class players like wane Rooney,Michal owen and David Beckam. Although david comes from man u :fight:

  • On paper we have a great team, Becks, Owen, Rooney, Scholes, Gerrard, Ferdinand etc... but together we're shit! If we can't beat Macedonia and Australia, can we really win the European Championship's..?
    :think: :unsure:
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@May 10 2003, 09:23 AM
    We've got class players like Wayne Rooney

    Class as in world class? Rooney?
    How many games has he played for England? I mean Full 90min games? and your calling him world class? He hasn't proved himself yet!! He is an up and coming young star of the futre, but he aint in the big league of world class players yet!
    World class players: Zola is world class, Ronaldo is world class, Henry is world class, Owen is world class. They say there leaving there team, and can go anywhere they want.
    These players have proven there skill, and kept it going over time. Rooney? His played half a season for Everton, and his now being rated in the same league as the four above? Dont kid yourselves, his is for the futre, when he has proven he can maintain and improve on what skills he has then i'll consider him as world class!!!

    And on a lighter note, My name TheVe1tch and im an alcoholic i mean a Newcastle fan. now Dyer is world class....... :D
  • I've got a mate thats a newcastle fan he's made about them he goes to nearly every game even if it's in spain or somewhere! :blink:

    Well dan Sometimes we play s**t but sometimes we play well. But I agree with you on the Macidonia game if we don't beat them we will never win Euro 2004 or mabey even not qualify :cry: ! I think we will do well in australlia, although a long jouney will wore them out so we need to give them a good rest when they get there :tired:
  • This is a easy one. Seeing as soccer is not my beloved sport I don't know much about it, thus making the Brisbane Strikers my favourite team for no apparant reason. In England though, the team I like there would be Arsenal for another unapparant reason. But Brissy Strikers over Arsenal any day. Go the Aussies!!!!

    Remember that soccer match a little while ago, you know, when Australia beat England. Yep, that was classic (Ahh, I loved when that happened).
  • Yep... and i challenge you to name five of the Aussie player's playing in that game... :P

    As for supporting Arsenal, would that be because they (were) the Premiership champions? :think:

    Nice of you to make an appearance on this topic Matt! Shame Evil Resident (Scott) isn't still around, he's a Newcastle fan too. Good luck in the Champion's League next season! Shearer and Bellamy are a great partnership, and i think JJ (Jermaine Jenas) is going to be a big star of the future, he's superb! (much better than Dyer!)

    As for Rooney, we all know he's still very young, and doesn't have the experience of a World Class player but there is no doubting his talent, the boy is phenomenal!

    :( The football season is over tommorrow (it already is for the Nationwide) i don't know what i'm going to do with myself on Saturday's for the next 3 months!! I could take up a pointless sport like cricket... maybe not!
    ;) :P Hehehe!
  • Well done to Chelsea!! Great result against 'Pool! Great header by Desailly! And Zola is staying on for another year! Great stuff!! My uncle's (the Chelsea fans) will be well chuffed too! (and with my birthday coming up that's always a good omen when they're in good moods!!)

    Sadly one team had to go down, and it was West Ham... i like both teams, West Ham and Bolton but i was pleased to see Bolton stay up, only because they have my favourite player.. J J Okocha!!! West Ham could be in some serious $hit next year if they have to sell the likes of Joe Cole, Defoe, Carrick, Kanoute... in many ways they're in a similar situation to us (Brighton).

    So how do you think Chelsea will get on in the Champions Leage next year? It's going to be a different format, with just one group stage and an extra knockout round... so they could do well! Good luck to 'ya.

    Oh, and what a stunning free-kick from David Beckham... as usual! What a player!
  • YES!!!

    Chelsea Strike again!

    2-1 :woot: :lol:

    Chelsea are finnaly in the champions leage. Know we can finnaly pay of those dets :clap:

    So how do you think chelsea will do in the Champions leage next year?[/b]

    Well to be honest with you I don't think we will do very well because we are facing teams like real madrid who are the best in the world :unsure:. So we need to really push our team and pass alot of balls through to Zola who can skill up real madrid. I hope we do really well beacause if we don't my dad will tease me for ages! :cry:
  • I think it might be a while before you pay of ALL your debt's!!

    I think Chelsea will do well in Europe... you've got the player's for Europe, Cudicini an excellent goalkeeper, Desailly and Gallas, two continental defenders. If you play Zenden and Gronkjaer you've got two very pacey winger's, which are very important in Europe, since the best team's have strong player's down the middle you'll have to exploit the wing's. And if Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink stays he is still a great European goalscorer, and Zola's skill is obvious! It all depends on the draw for the first group phase, but after that it's a knockout competition so you stand as much of a chance as any!!

    Oh, and if you get stick off your Dad, ask him when the last time Palarse where in Europe!
  • Yep thanks for that thing to ask my dad :notworthy:
  • Ok, Something different on soccer, What team do you think will win the Champions leage.
    Come on people i'm getting bored. I like this topic!!! :peace: :blink:
  • :o :o

    I couldn't believe it Real got hammered by Juve last night!!

    Which means a Juve vs Milan final!!

    Juventus are currently first place in Serie A, with Milan some 16 points behind in 4th!! It's going to be a good match, but i think Juventus, with their league form, and having just knocked out Real Madrid will do it, although Milan are always dangerous with Shevchenko!

    It's funny how it all turns out, Man Utd tonked Juventus home and away in the group stage's, Man Utd then get knocked out by Real Madrid in the quarter's... who then lose to Juventus in the semi's!!
  • Blimey, I didn't see that match what channel was it on? :unsure: :cry:

    Anyway, I think juvents will win it plus i like juvents more, although they did lose to man u :think:. But juvents have got more better players than milan. Havent they? What do you think anybody.
  • I'm not sure if the match itself was on ITV, or ITV2... but i caught the highlights programme last night on ITV at about 11.30 p.m, Juventus won 3-1! Trezeguet, Del Piero and Nedved. Real only got one back in the 89th min through Zidane, and by all accounts Real were shockingly bad!!

    You're right, Juventus do have some great player's, like Trezeguet, Del Piero, Davids, Zambrotta, Buffon, Nedved (who is suspended for the final) so i think they will win it!
  • Well if it was on itv2 i couldn't of seen it i haven't got cable or sky :cry:
    My mum says "you watch to much telly a day we don't need another 800 channels or what ever it is" and i always say "But all my friends have got it" (i'm really lieing they havent got it ;).

    Dan, give me some advice on my mum Please :cry: :helpme:
    But juventuse are a bit clumsy some times and can't be bothered. ( bit like me really)
  • The "all my friends have it" arguement never works unfortunately ;)

    The only thing i can suggest, is to stop watching so much TV, so you can say you don't watch it too much and you can get the extra channel's! Although... then your Mum might say you won't watch it enough!
    :lol: It's what's called a "no-win" situation my friend! ;) Unfortunately i don't think your Mum will budge whatever you say!

    I think to say Juventus are inconsistant wouldn't be true... (since they are top of Serie A) but they do defiantely have their "off-days", such as at home to Man Utd. Although every team has a bad game now and then... like Real Madrid last night! The team that'll win the Champion's League will the team which is "up for it" the most... although Juventus do defiantely have the better players!
  • Whens the finnal we haven't got a tv quiqe to show us whats on t.v!
    Thats another thing good about sky. You can cycle through channels and see whats on next! :woot:
  • FA Cup Final today... come on the Saints!!!

    Arsenal have Vieria and Campbell out, and with Stepanovs and Luzhny in defence marking James Beattie... i fancy Southampton too pull off a result!!!
  • Yep agree with you there dan!

    Come on the saints!!! But arsenal are the favourits to win it with out a doubt :cry:
    Although they have got james betie the best goal scorer in th premiership in my opinion! So Its going to be a tight match :unsure: :bash:
  • Oh well :( The French :swear: 's won!! Who scored? Robert Pires... and guess what, HE'S FRENCH!

    Arsenal were the better team though, and the way they held the ball at the end of 90 minutes was superb, however Southampton were so unlucky when Ashley Cole cleared it off the line, and Seaman's save against Brett Ormerod was absolutely superb, i have no idea how he managed to keep it out...!

    It's the UEFA Cup final on Wednesday, Celtic vs Porto... good luck to Celtic, representing Great Britain!!
  • Yeah arsenal were deffenetly the best team. But boy did I want southampton to win :swear: :doh:
  • Right lets keep this thread going. Who do you have a sospot for but don't acctually support them :hug: Well Mine will probably be portsmath. I don't know why I just like there football and i hope they do well in the premiership this seson.

    I hope they don't beat chelsea :unsure: :swear:

    Our hatred for Pompey is almost as big as for Palace!! And i hope they'll be the whipping boys of the Premiership, since their fans have been way too arrogant about this season, and when they came to the Withdean, they had one man ring this bloody hand bell ALL game....

    I like Southampton, and Charlton. Both fairly small clubs doing very well for themselves without spending a vast amount of money.

    And have you seen David Beckham's new haircut... :blink:
  • Well guys, I probably shouldn't get in on this one being a Yank and all. I have to say it's the U.S. womens world cup team that finally gave us a little respect in reguards to the hexagonal ball. :clap:
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@May 20 2003, 08:39 AM

    Our hatred for Pompey is almost as big as for Palace!! And i hope they'll be the whipping boys of the Premiership, since their fans have been way too arrogant about this season, and when they came to the Withdean, they had one man ring this bloody hand bell ALL game....

    I like Southampton, and Charlton. Both fairly small clubs doing very well for themselves without spending a vast amount of money.

    And have you seen David Beckham's new haircut... :blink:

    Oh no!!!

    How can you not like portsmouth what did they ever do to briton!!! huh! :blink:
    But I agree with you on charlton and southampton. Although charlton have played some very good games against us and beat us a few times :cry: :think: But I like them anyway.

    I haven't seen beckams new hair cut! Describe it? :blink:
  • It's an old south coast rivalry kind of thing... Palace are the nearest team to us, Pompey are the second!! Some Brighton fans even hate Pompey more than Palace!!

    Play-off finals must be soon, Sheffield United vs Wolves... i said Sheff Utd would go through since the semi's, due to their great record in the knock-out comp's!!

    Plus, Wolves fans are one of the worst in the country, apart from Cardiff...

    Beckham's new hairdo...
  • Oh my god!!! Hahahahahaha! :lol:

    He looks like an idiot! What is beckem thinking of getting dredlocks! He looks like an idiot! If I were him i'd do this :shy: .
    Beckam dosen't only make money out of football he makes some out of fashion. How much richer can he get! :drool: He should be concentrating on his performence for England right now!

    Now I get where your coming from dan, its a local thing. AHHH! Now I know
  • So, England start in south africa tomorow hope they do well. There leaving out rooney wich is a good move because he's injured and plus the everton maneger would be on svens back! :bash: :fight:

    Beckam might put off any teams with his new hair style its so :swear: . What do you think? Do you like it?
  • 2-1 to the ING ER LAND! Gareth Southgate after 36 seconds... woohoo! And then to really take the p!ss, Emile Heskey scores too!! lol. Not a bad game, and a good result (although i switched off before the last 15 minutes, hey Bad Girls was on ok!). Although poor David "i wanna be a rapper" Beckham has fractured his thumb, but at least from Man Utd's point of view he won't be signing any contracts for any other club with his hand in plaster!!
  • Yes!!!

    2-1!! :woot:

    I didn't whatch the match but I was told about it at school. Poor david with his broken thumb, Mabey the hair cut isn't so lucky after all! Is david still thinking of going to Real Madrid? Because if he is he will get a b******g from the man u supporters! :bash:

    p.s Does anyone like becks new hair cut!!!
  • Whaens the next game for england i'm dieing to know!!!!
  • The next England game is Tuesday June 3rd, in a week and a half!

    Tuesday June 3rd 2003
    England vs Serbia and Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia)
    Friendly International
    Walkers Bowl Stadium (Leicester City FC)
    Kick Off 8 p.m

    Beckham will be in plaster for 8 weeks apparently! Although he is suspended for the Serbia and Montenegro game anyway.

    Then after that on Wednesday 11th June is the Slovakia Euro 2004 qualifier...

    Wednesday June 11th 2003
    England vs Slovakia
    Euro 2004 Qualifier
    Riverside Stadium (Middlesborough FC)
    Kick Off 8 p.m


    Unfortunately though we
  • Fave football team is West Ham United - and although we went down this season :cry: we'll come back, and we also learned a lot this season.

    Rio Ferdinand won't be playinf gor England next week, and did anyone watch Aliastor Mcgowan's Big Impression (friday 9pm BBC1) - it is sooo funny, and thay do some wicked impressions of beckham, rio, etc...

    As for Beckham's hair....


  • Waahey! Another footy fan, good to see! I was sorry to see West Ham to go down, although i'm also pleased Bolton stayed up... simply because they have Jay Jay Okocha, an absolute leg-end.

    The Hammer's are in pretty much the same situation as Brighton, were relegated due to our awful starts, and the chances of both of us going straight back away very much depend on who stays and goes over the summer, Defoe's transfer request obviously didn't go down very well! Which is almost the same situation we're facing with Bobby Zamora.

    By the way, what's happening with the managerial situation at West Ham? Is Glenn Roeder coming back, or is Trevor Brooking taking over full time?
  • I'm actually not sure about that (thought I probably should), but I think that Roeder is actually pretty much OK now.

    You're dead on about the crap start situation. On another note, West Ham did manage to score something like 22 points in their last 11 games, al long as they played together, and kept the defence tight.

  • I like the LA Galaxy. I went to one of there games and it was great :peace:
  • Hello crash!

    We finanly have another football fan other than me and dan! :disco:

    As for englands match on june the 3rd I don't know how they are going to get by without the best deffender and stongest for england :unsure: . I'm a big fan of rio and I sad to hear he's not playing! :cry:

    I like west ham. Ecspecially palo dicanio (I know it's the wrong spelling) he is a class striker and a brilliant goal scorer! But I'm sad to see them go down because now we can't thrash you!!! :P
  • Did anyone else watch the Champions League final? A 0-0 draw, and in the end Milan won 3-2 on penalties. Shame there weren't any goals, but it was still a good match, of the highest quality!! Gattuso and Rui Costa were excellent for Milan, and to be honest i'd say they deserved the win.

    Although some may say penalties is a bad way to decide a game, i love it!! It's so exciting to watch, however if it's your team involved i'm sure it's scary as hell!

    Rooney is fit now, and looking great. He will probably play a part in the Serbia... whatever game! And he better play against Slovakia, instead of Emile fricking Heskey!

    Meanwhile, Bob Zamora is still with us... for the moment. However apparently Spurs are too make a
  • It's a shame there was no goals but i do the love the suspence and thrills of peneltys :woot:! Sounds like a pretty boring match to me! Shame I didn't see it what channel was it on? If it was on cable or sky i'm going to have a heated battle with my mom again! :fight:

    Only 3 more days to the next England game hope they do well but without rio they will be less focused at the back and strugle a bit. Does anyone know who's standing in for rio? :(
  • It was on ITV... so looks like a lucky escape for your mum! Although there weren't any goals there was some good football, so it was good entertainment. Some very good defending from both sides, and since i'm a defender i enjoyed it!!

    I think, it's Matty Upson who'll be standing in for Rio, he's a very good player and i think he'll do the job with Gareth Southgate. No worries!
  • Your a defender! :blink:

    Cool!!! I'm a goalkeeper! :disco:

    Who do you play for? :think:
  • I used to play for B.N. Wanderers (short for Brighton Wanderers) U16, but that's the last age group, we've got our last game coming up, a friendly match and that's it. I've been playing there for 7 years now, i actually normally play defensive midfield, since we play a 3-5-2 formation, with wingbacks i usually sit just in front of the defence, altough sometimes i do play in defence.
    Next year hopefully i'll be playing for the college football team, in my second year at college i'm taking Football Academy!

    Chelsea have had a cheeky
  • Well I play for the under 13s for whytleaf even though I'm 12! I nearly thought of droping a year or leaving this season because of the pressure everybody was giving me. I got picked up by this team called predeters. They are in the tandridge A division but they play all the way over in hampton court and it's just to much to travel for training and games. Plus the pressure would be even more extreme!

    Hope it goes well for you at collage and your football team's last game of the season. As for us our seasons over, but we have loads of fredlies coming up and I have a tournement tomorow so wish me good luck with that! Oh and Happy birthday!!!

    :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
  • Tomorows the england game!

    What channels it on? Or is it even on! :blink:
  • The game is actually Tuesday, 3rd June. And unfortunately it's on Sky Sports... i suggest you try to get round a mates to watch it Alex!

    How did your tournament go? I won two last year! They're always great days!
  • Well we did ok. We cae first in our little leage and got through to the quater finnals but then lost to a team in the leage above us! This massive guy called reice shot two penneltys past me which I had no chance of getting! :cry: ! But i did make a brilliant save in the leage where it was 1 minute to go and if we drew we were out! It was a corner to them and everybody was marking everybody except they had a secret wepon :cunning: they had: The keeper! The keeper had run all the way up the pitch and as the corner was taken he ran in the box and put a powerful header towords the top corner! I didn't see it till the last minute then I suddenly jumped up and pushed the ball back into play. but then another person came in front of me to get the fallen ball when I grabed it before he could get it! :clap: I tell you what an applauce from everyone I got! :clap:

    I swear you said june the 2nd in your post of when the matches were on! oh well! I've got another tournement coming up next saturday so wish me luck with that as well. how are you going with your collage football? Got into the team yet?

    p.s what happend to crash!
  • I'm still alive (really!) I don't have sky or anything, which sucks.

    Well done Ali on getting as far as you did, and at least you tried your best (i'm assuming that you did :2cool: ).

    All those rumours about Beckham going to Barceloa are false (right)? And Beckham has to give a message to England fans to behave or risk getting chucked out of Euro 2004, which would have been absolutely :swear: .

    On another point, I never knew that they had renamed Yugoslavia :tired:
  • Hmmm.... Yes we did get far but not far anouf in my opinion! :think: I didn't know either that yuogoslavia have renamend themselfs! What are they called? as for sky well... join the club :cry:
  • Yugoslavia have been renamed Serbia and Montenegro, which is of course who we are playing tonight.

    The U21's beat Serbia's U21's 3-2 last night, with goals from Ameobi, Defoe and Darren Bent. Bobby Zamora played on the wings, he looked good going forward, set up the goal for Ameobi with a great header accross the 6 yard box, but he was poor defending, apart from the fact that he never did come back, he couldn't tackle either. But then again he is a central forward, and anybody scouting him won't be interested in how he can defend...

    Anyway, England vs Serbia Montenegro tonight, and the probable line up is....


    Mills Southgate Upson A.Cole


    Gerrard Lampard


    Owen Heskey
  • Right thats it! Sounds like a good match, so, Mum...mum..... ahh there you are, mum. You know sky digital.... and so on and so forth :fight:. But i hope england win tonight against serbia and montenegro, blimey what a mouth full! :blink: I will probably be going over to a friends house to whatch it cause theve got a widescreen t.v! :clap:
  • England 2 Serbia and whatever! 1

    Not a bad game, great first goal, started and finished by Stevie Gerrard playing in the Beckham role. And then to finish it off, a stunning free kick from Joey Cole! Who needs David Beckham eh!!! A complete cock up for their goal, but at least we won and will be confident going into the Slovakia match! Come on England!!
  • i agree with you dan what a goal from joe cole hopefully because there wasn't much crowd trouble we wont get chucked out of euro 2004 :bash:
  • Apart from the paper aeroplanes... LOL! :lol:
  • Naaa! WE won't not get through the euro 2004 qualifyers! We always do and get noked out in the quater finnals. We have another football fan! :disco:
  • through euro2004 unless we improve>>>
  • Huh!

    Through to euro 2004 unless we improve! :huh: Whats that sopost to mean! We have another supporter we are building up! Whats your favourite team bringiton!
  • SOZ!! it didnt come up right anyway i surrport Manchester United>>>

    don't mind me i will be popping in now and again to see whats going on
    seez ya l8r :pump:
  • Oh no!

    As soon as we get a new person to the soccer thread he supports man u! :doh: But Oh well! Who do you reckon will win the leages next year? Personaly i think in the premiership it will be arsenal unfortunatly, 1st division man city, 2nd division...hmm... well i don't really follow the second division so i hope dans team win it brighton as for any other division well only god knows! :rolleyes:
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@Jun 5 2003, 03:16 PM
    Personaly i think in the premiership it will be arsenal unfortunatly, 1st division man city, 2nd division...hmm... well i don't really follow the second division so i hope dans team win it brighton as for any other division well only god knows! :rolleyes:

    sadly i think arsnel might win too>>
  • Also, Man City are in the Premiership ali! And they've just signed David Seaman.

    Arsenal won't win the league, unless they make massive improvements to their defence, they've sold Seaman now too so they need a goalkeeper.

    Man Utd will win the league again, what with Ronaldinho aswell.

    As for Brighton, we're the bookies favourite to win Division 2, Steve Coppell has just signed another year as manager, and still nobody has come in with a serious bid for Bob Zamora, we'll be straight back up!

    Bringiton, try and read your posts before you post it... :rolleyes:
  • you know? Ive never really watched a match in my life, only because I have no time... Can you inform me and I guess Ill come upon a decision.
  • Well we can't really inform you on football if you haven't seen a match in your life! :blink: Oh sorry about man city i don't really follw any division apart from the premiership, as you can see from my previous posts. dan, i think man u will get to cocky as they scraped there way up the premiership last year and luckly won it! Cheeky B*****s!
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@Jun 5 2003, 07:04 PM
    Man Utd will win the league again, what with Ronaldinho aswell.

    yeah daniel is right
  • i dont think arsenal or man utd will win i think newcastle
  • I soppose newcastle have got some good players such as shearer. He's a brilliant striker of the ball and passes it really well! Oh and dyer hes good! So newcastle have a fare chance of winning the tittle I would say. :disco: But have chelsea really got a chance of winning the premiership? Well even though i support them I don't think they have a chance personaly purly because we have hardly any expeirienced players apart from ZolA! :notworthy:
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@Jun 6 2003, 03:45 PM
    [b]Oh sorry about man city i don't really follw any division apart from the premiership, as you can see from my previous posts. [/b]

    Well then, surely you should have known that Man City were in the Premiership! ;) :P

    Man Utd have announced that there'll accept any bid of over
  • [b]So it looks like real madrid will be buying beckam then! That means we will have even more of a chance of winning the premiership. But
  • it was quite recent i think it was zinedine zidane signing for real madrid for i think it was 48 million!
    wat alot of money
  • not that much compared to Rio Ferdinand to transfer to Man U
  • Rio Ferdinand's transfer to Man Utd was only
  • has anyone heard about the signings chelsea are trying to make
    they are trying to sign gabriel batistuta which i think is pointless hes too old,phillip cocu,joe cole and goalkeeper jurgen macho
  • Jurgen Macho has already signed, and will move on July 1st when his contract at Sunderland expires.

    And Chelsea had a
  • i wanted to see joe cole and phillip cocu but hopefully at least batistuta isn't joining and jurgen macho i dont see why chelsea need him
  • I Love Arsenal, COME ON YOU GUNNERS! We are gonna win the treble next year, everyone just watch! and Stuart Taylor will be a great replacement for big dave. All that great skill and talent and he is only 22. :disco:
  • Don't kid yourself mate, Arsenal may win the F.A. Cup, it's doubtful you'll win the Premiership (unless you make huge improvements in defence and manage to keep Pires, Vieria and Henry sweet) and as for the Champion's League, not a hope in hell.

    You need to strengthen your defence big time, look what happened at the end of the last season, 2 injuries and you were screwed. And the thing is, you just don't have the money to buy new players, unless you sell first. (the decision to sell Matty Upson and Steve Sidwell were mad!)

    These Arsenal fans are getting more arrogant than the Man Utd ones!

    As for Stuart Taylor, he has look very impressive in my opinion too, but the only problem as far as Arsene Wenger is concerned, is that he's English. Expect another foreign import soon.
  • I don't rate pires much! I think he's a glory hunter that if he does some silky skills he will think everyone will love him. but he's wrong I hate him! He's mostly always injured! The only thing good about him is he scores a good goal once in a while. Arsenal won't win the treble next year, but they will probably win th f.a cup and the premiership. I hope they win nothing! :cunning: Oh, that brings up another quistion about soc...I mean football. I've been so used to saying soccer instead of football now! Who do you think will win the f.a cup next year then? Arsenal...booo! Chelsea...yeh! Brighton....not likley! (sorry dan!)
  • Well Finland won Serbia-Montenegro 3-0.

    Am waiting for the match with Italy.
  • in the finland match chelsea(yeh) striker mickhael forssell scored chelsea need him he alwys scores for finland
    i wish ranieri would stop loaning him out to teams like crystal palace who are just crap(no offence to crystal palace fans but honestly they are crap) and thi season he was on loan to some german team called borus munchengladbaech.
    england fans dont forget england v slovakia bbc1 7:45 wednesday :bash:
  • Yep!

    England vs slovakia tonight!!! :disco: Who do you think will win and what will the score be?
  • i reckon 2-0 to england any way i hope
    go on england
  • The countdown to kick off begins!

    I'm going for England 3-1 Slovakia, Matty Upson and Gareth Southgate aren't the most experienced defensive partnership, so i think we might concede but with Owen and Rooney and the service from Gerrard and Scholes, we'll score more than we concede.

  • I don'tcare much for sports at all and this is actually the first time I open this thread. Reason? I just watched a hilarious movie and I have to say that my favorite team is the"Shaolin Soccer" team. :lol:
  • 2-1 to the england owen with both goals one penalty and one header he al most scored a hat trick but it hit the crossbar that now means we are 2nd in the table with a game in hand on turkey
  • Well, i wasn't far wrong! If Owen's header, Lampard's dissalowed goal or Southgate had gotten the penalty then it would have been 3-1! The first half was utter $hite, but Errikson seemed to stick a rocket up the players ar$e's at half time, and we could have scored more, although if Slovakia took all their chances in the first half it would have been a VERY different story.

    A superbly taken penalty from Michael Owen, and a great header too. Not a bad way to celebrate his 50th cap. Rooney failed to make any impact in a dreadful first half, although nobody played well in the first half!

    Shame Macedonia couldn't hold on and beat, or at least draw with Turkey, but winning the group is still in our hands!

    And the fans were great aswell :)
  • OMG, the England defense was so mucked up last night, and if we wern't playing a team of Slovakia's standard, we would have probably been 3-0 down. And I think that we were denied a further penalty only 3 minutes after Owen's, making it 3-1.

    Rooney didn't play very well, and they got on Vassell soon after the first half.

    David James made an absolutely massive mistake, and thought that the ball would get deflected, but it bounced instead and scored the Slovakian goal, leaving him standing around wondering where the ball had went. :helpme: (NOT safe hands)