Mw2 Nat Type Is Moderate
  • hi, and hello absolute psn, i welcome myself back, lol. hope u all ok, lyndon, rob, etc.

    i bought a new ps3 slim for my other house and for 6 months nw its been working fine, i started playing mw2 with my brother and everything was ok. then i started playing with mic on,so we can chat to each other. then i start gettin signed out of psn. then i open all ports add ps3 to dmz, i een open the nat from secured to open. but we now cant play online together, plz help. we cant join each others party on mw2, please help, first we cud but now we cant, could this be due to mic. plz help.:mad:
  • Right, today me and my brother can join each others parties on mw2, but thts because he has his mic switched off. but my nat type is still moderate, it does show up as type 2 when is do a test. plz help, we want to play together with our mics on. thanks
  • NAT Type 2 is normal when going through a router and you have the ports open (Type 1 is a direct connection to the modem). Sounds like either yourself or your brother have a port conflict happening with the ports needed for the mic. He may want to try putting his own PS3 into the DMZ at his place.
  • just went to his and did that, lets see if it works. i did single port forwarding, not port range forwarding or prt triggering. that wont be a problem will it.