Broken Ribbon Cable Clip
  • know this question is floating around in other forums from other people but I'll ask it here. I ordered a replacement drive for my ps3 but my controller card is missing the ribbon cable clamp. I broke it off by accident and then broke the one on the drive I just got when I tried to remove it. First question: Is it possible to get these clamps off in one piece? and second question: Is there anybody out there that has a replacement clamp they are willing to sell for a good price? I buggered up the ribbon cable trying to get it to work without the clip but I know I can find another cable. It's the clip I'm having a hard time getting. I saw one on ebay a while ago and now it's gone. Someone please help me out if you can. If you've got one or two I'll definitely buy them from you. If I can't find one is there another way anyone knows to secure the ribbon cable without the clamp. Nothing I've tried works.

  • No doubt they are available on their own in one piece but I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to lend a hand on locating them. We don't allow links to commercial sites (plus the sites that do carry system parts also tend to also carry stuff used for piracy). We also don't recommend doing deals with people over any forum- there is the odd chance someone may try to take advantage of your wants/ needs and try to rip you off, leaving you with no way to get your cash back. No doubt you would be able to find them again via eBay.
  • Howabout someone who's fixed one just letting me know how they did it without the cable clip? Just lookin' for a little friendly info.
  • Yeah, this is really dated and I'm sure you have rectified your situation, but...I had the same problem...Completely refurbished my PS3 (replaced the thermal paste, added a 640GB hard drive, cleaned thoroughly) but a clamp on the BluRay ribbon drive broke and I don't think it'll read without the clamp. I tried gluing the ribbon in place, no dice...they didn't make the clamp/connection near sturdy enough!!