PS2 doesn't play just ONE game
  • I've tried looking around to find an answer, but it seems nothing is working.

    I bought SvR 2010 and the first time it loaded up with no problems. Played around for about 20 minutes and then turned the Playstation off. That was the first and last time the game ever played. It will still check if there is a profile and you can make one, but after the memory loads it just shows a blank, black screen.

    I've tried:
    1. Restarting the console 15-20 times after it's obvious the game isn't going to load.
    2. Cleaned the laser.
    3. Cleaned the disk holder thing that the game sits on.
    4. Relubed everything.
    5. The whole of the Playstation, including using canned air for the little nooks I couldn't reach.

    The thing looks new now. After all of that it still plays other games, but not Svr 2010. I can't return it now as I didn't buy it around where I live.

    The PS2 is a slim by the way. And if anyone has any kind of advice I'd appreciate it.
  • Sounds to me the data for Smackdown vs Raw on your memory card may have corrupted a bit and now isn't going to work properly (if you shut down before the system is finished saving this will happen). All I can suggest is start up the system with no game and go into the memory card manager to delete the Smackdown data.
  • I think I've started the game without the memory card and the result was the same.

    I'll try that out though the next time I get the chance.