• Hello there

    Do you know about any PC program for create PS1 games? I'd like to create my own games.

    In Driver 2 is it true that the tank in Havanna can be driven? I don't think so but other webpages says that. I've found it already but I can't drive it.

    And I have Ace Combat 2, I like all the songs but I'm afraid of if I burn it the songs could disappear. That happened with Test Drive Off Road 3 (4X4 World Trophy).

    Could you teach me how to make an NES emulator disc? I can't make the decompression.

    Have a nice day

  • The only way to make your own PSOne games at home that I know of is to pick up a Net Yaroze PlayStation system (they're quite rare now so expect to pay some cash).

    Haven't heard anything about being able to drive the tank any place myself.

    Finally, as I have mentioned before, we give no assistance AT ALL when it comes to things like emulators, copying games, etc., no matter what the system. Do NOT ask about this sort of thing again.