A plea to PS3 Owners
  • Just talked to Sony technical rep and supervisor about DRE codes and what they plan to do about it. Of course they want $150 to fix it, because it is out of warranty. I refuse to pay $150 more for a system that has already cost $600. Sony refuses to accept responsibility for this problem which is either faulty lasers or faulty firmware that overheats lasers. Doesn't matter what the cause is. The point is Sony needs to stand behind their product and their customers.

    What can we do? Simply complaining about it on their forums isn't going to solve anything.

    We must start a campaign to demand that Sony owns up to the problem and fixes the broken lasers and reimburses those who have already paid for the repair. Much like Microsoft did for the "Red Ring of Death" error which is a very similar issue. This was part of the statement released by Microsoft concerning the error:

    While the majority of Xbox 360 owners continue to have a great experience with their console, we are aware that a very small percentage of our customers have reported receiving an error that displays
  • This sort of thing usually doesn't get much in the way of support (especially if you don't put it in your own thread ;) ). Still, have at it!
  • Revolucian said:

    By the way. During my phone conversation with the supervisor he admitted that one of the Firmware updates caused the bluray drive to overheat. But that the next update fixed the problem.

    Something there just sounds fabricated, to be honest.

    First, a Supervisor is not about to tell anyone what may or may not cause an issue. In most large corporations, that is the responsibility of the PRO or the legal/engineering team.

    Secondly, how do you "Un-overheat" anything? If a part on any device overheats to the point of failure, nothing will reverse the results other than replacing or repairing such.

    Unfortunately, a letter writing campaign usually does little if any good. What you would need in order to tackle a Goliath of a corporation like SONY is a Legal expert (lawyer) experienced in Corporate and Consumer law. Unless you have the $500+ per hour these attorneys charge, you would need to find one to take your case "Pro-bono".....good luck with that.

    Although I do believe in standing up and fighting, one has to have facts and evidentary proof, not hearsay. Unless you have a recording of this "supervisor" stating what the problem is and admits fault on behalf of SONY Corporation, all you have is hearsay. If you DO have a recording, it better be very audible that you informed this person that you were recording the call for possible legal action.