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    Release date: Aug. 18, 2010

    id Software's newest chapter in the legendary "Wolfenstein" series will deliver players deep behind the enemy lines of a war-torn Germany, where Nazi experiments with technology and the supernatural threaten to turn the tide of World War II. Utilizing a revolutionary new graphics technology targeted specifically at next-generation console and PC hardware, this new Wolfenstein experience will draw players into a world of unmatched exploration, action and espionage.

    Although I have yet to play it, I was watching Jackie (the wife) kick some butt on it.

    From what I have seen, this looks to be a very good game, exceptional graphics, sound FX are superb, and it lives up to the Wolfenstein name.

    I will report back after I have had my finger on the trigger button for a bit!
  • So is Wolfenstein worth a look at ?
  • Brad D said:
    So is Wolfenstein worth a look at ?

    I would say so, yes!

    Since I posted the initial post, I have played Wolfenstein a few times, and it is just great, and a nice addition to ones FPS collection.