Get old PSN name back?
  • i dont know if this is where i should be asking? my original psn account has been deleted somehow, so i created another user on my ps3 so i can play socom again. well my old user is still up because i have all my saved games on there. but i cant log into psn. i dont even have a option of creating a new psn account with my original user name. i want to play need for speed shift online but now cant. how can i get a new psn account under my original user account...plz help. i hate how if you save a game memory on 1 user account you cant access it from another account, or copy it to another account to be shared. will sony ever correct that.
  • What you need to do is set up the same name you had before as a user then, when you get into the sign up for the playstation network bit, use the option to use an existing log in. Put in the e-mail/ password combination you used before and you should be good to go.