Stupid NAT types for MW2...HELP!!!!!
  • Hi there, I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing these messages about MW2 and NAT types..i have spent hours trying to debunk something and i have no answers yet. (if there is a proper forum for this please direct me as well) So here i go...

    ORIGINALLY, My NAT type was "moderate" according to MW2. We couldn't play with mates online (They have Nat types strict and moderate). Did my research and changed it from moderate to OPEN!! hurray...success...for a day. We played together, with no problems at all.

    THEN.....Tonight we decide to have a game. Now Mr Strict and Mr Moderate were playing together before i came on the scene. When i joined session, poor Mr Strict got booted and signed out of PS network. Tried again to no avail. So Mr strict thought it was his end...He restarted game, reset modem etc. I had my suspicion it was our end so i ended game so he could go on. Mr Strict rings up to tell us that he is playing with Mr Moderate with no problems and to try again. As soon as i jumped on and game started, he was booted again. So i changed my NAT type AGAIN back to moderate.......but cant connect to them AT ALL!!! Lost connection, cannot connect to host etc.
    So the equation is....

    Mr strict and us as Moderate cannot play

    Mr Strict and Mr moderate CAN play (yet i cant)

    Mr strict, Mr moderate and us as OPEN cannot play (where as before we could)

    Is there anyway we can change back to strict?? I can get it back to moderate but there is no chance in hell we can play with either of them.

    And why can they play together as moderate but we cant??

    The only problem seems to be with Mr Strict. I have explained how to change his type through modem...but is not technically minded.

    So ill end this with 2 words

    HELP and THANKS!!!!!!
  • The problem is most likely in "Mr Strict"'s settings. You'll most likely need to keep trying with either guiding him on setting up the port forwarding (we have all that are needed listed in the thread pinned at the top of this section) or try having him set up his PS3 in the router's DMZ, which would avoid the need of port forwarding altogether.