Difficulty getting online in college
  • I live in a college dorm, and I have been told that we are allowed to have internet on gaming systems.

    I've tried wireless (we have it here, it works on my Mac), but on the PS3, when the system scans for WLANs, the SSIDs come up but are listed as "Not supported" under the security column.

    When I plugged in an ethernet cable, it detects the IP address, but fails in internet connection. It says that the connection times out. The cable is plugged into a jack on the wall (ethernet also works fine on my Mac). We are not allowed to have routers of modems in our rooms. I tried entering IP information manually, but got the same error.

    Am I screwed?
  • Jammin, you'll need to talk to your college IT guys about getting certain ports opened for you (listed in the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread near the top of this section) or putting your PS3 into a DMZ to bypass the firewall. Most of the ports needed by PSN would be closed off by default, making the online play somewhat more difficult.