PS1... still at the market?
  • Hello there what's up team?

    Hey, I've checked my last post:p

    Now I know why the cheats of Driver 2 wasn't working... it's because I have the spanish version!. Why that happens?, I have Resident Evil 2 in spanish and the cheats doesn't works neither.

    The PSX is still being produced?, Venezuela doesn't have a nice relationship with USA, because that there's no way to buy a PSX new, and I have to buy used CD's almost always, or coming from Colombia.

    Could you tell me how many games in first person exist for PSX?
    I have Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor Underground and Duke Nukem Total Meltdown, I'd like to play more of them...

    Are you part of the staff of PSOne creators?

    Yes... the NFS4 dashboard view, activate twice the turbo mode... how I didn't though that before...?

    Well that's it for now have a nice day and keep on playing partners