• hi i do not know how to set up my ps2 network can you tell me
  • How do you setup online play for ps2. What do you have to buy? How much each item?
  • Considering the similarities I felt it best that i combine your two threads into the one.

    The set up depends somewhat on your region and what version of PS2 you have. If in the UK/ Europe/ Australia you'll need to first do a sign up at www.yourgamingname.com (otherwise known as Central Station). Part of this sign up will need a code that you find included with your PS2 slim or, if you have the older model, with the PS2 network adapter (sold separately). There is also a disc included you need to use to set up your connection settings which get saved to your memory card.

    If in North America there is no Central Station but the rest is the same. Set up is done with the disc included with your PS2 slim or with the network adapter needed for the older model of PS2.