Api Games Tournament!
  • Yes.. that
  • Your screen shot does not come up for me! I know...well I think that you are telling the truth, but it just doesn't come up!

  • True dat here too. When I click on your name, all I see is what wants to be a screen shot, but is only the top of the shot, saying "Game Over" and the rest of the shot is full of little green and yellow squares! :cry:
  • :unsure: That's happened with every free webhost i've tried to use... anyone got any idea's why??? :blink: :cry:

    Hopefully that'll be sorted soon, if there's someone kind enough to offer me some advice!!!

    By the way, has anyone tried the challenge yet?? Just so i know whether it's a good idea or a terrible one!!

    EDIT Got your score's Suze, very good!!! That's going to take some beating! Good luck to everyone! (scoreboard updated)

    If somebody can please offer me somewhere to either host these screenshot's sucessfully so i can link to them, or advice on uploading them myself please let me know!! I've tried everything but they just won't upload right, not on MSN group's, Homestead, Angelfire... :unsure:

    EDIT 2 This link... HERE work's... but only when i'm online!!! So if i'm online it's fine, otherwise i'm still after some much needed help!
  • I've had a quick go at it but didn't come close to your score-brain was somewhat fried after the long work week you know :unsure: .

    As for image hosting,I have a suggestion for you.One popular choice is Boomspeed-you get 1 MB of storage free with the option of buying more space if needed.

  • WOOO HOOOO!! I'm in the lead!!! That score is gonna take some serious
    work to beat, too!! :punk: Who's up for the challenge!?!? :fight:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@May 12 2003, 02:39 PM
  • let me tell you why i don't participate. The D**N bookworm takes 15 minutes to even mark a letter I clicked on. And as if that wasn't enough, it doesn't accept words that is 9 letters or longer, sob, and I who got "frangible" and all.

    So sorry, as long as my home made scrabble tile bookworm scans isn't accepted or my computer picks up in phace I'm not taking part...
  • I would participate if the link to both games actually WORKED!!
  • Thanks a lot to Topper i've now found a decent host for the pictures! Although unfortunately they're still not very good, but at least you can see the scores on this one!!! I'll try and fix them later, but for now at least you can see the score's are correct!

    CLICK HERE :disco:

    Manne, have you tried accessing the Bookworm game from both my link and the link on the mainpage...? What sort of internet connection have you got? A fast or slow one?!
  • Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@May 13 2003, 05:45 PM
    [b]I would participate if the link to both games actually WORKED!![/b]

    Red... both links work fine for me... they do take upto a minute to load so you might just have to be patient! Then after the page has loaded, the game will load then click on the "Continue with Bookworm basic" and off you go...
  • I only have the option of making my screenshot a bitmap. how am I going to participate. I have a higher score than Susan. :cry:
  • When you go to save your screenshot, under the filename do you have a little box that says bitmap? Click on the little arrow to the right of that and select JPEG from the little list that comes down...

    If not, then just send it as a bitmap.

    Well done on beating Suze... :o

    I look forward to seeing the screenshot!!!
  • Outstanding... he's only gone and done it!!! Absolutely amazing!!! WELL DONE SPIDERKLOWN!! There's still 4 more day's left of the tournament to run, can anybody snatch the lead?

    3 new entries and the table looks like this!

    1. Spiderklown - 386920
    2. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    3. Daniel M STAFF - 175170
    4. Topper - 165560
    5. Squall9999 - 8440

    On the other end of the scale, very well done to Squall for achieving his score ;) And topper fits into the table... BEHIND ME!

    Screenshots to follow on the website!

    Website now updated... HERE
  • I've used you're link and I've used the mainpage link and your link works a bit better (meaning that I'm able to get to level 2 before the putor hangs itself).

    I'm using a broadband connection wich has been tested to be the fastest in the country so I don't think that's the problem. I think there's something wrong with my computor.

    One more thing, you might wanna coinsider putting a ":" between the 9999 and squalls score! ;)
  • Originally posted by manneman@May 13 2003, 12:50 PM
    [b]I'm using a broadband connection wich has been tested to be the fastest in the country so I don't think that's the problem. I think there's something wrong with my computor.[/b]

    Manne... since you've ruled out your internet connection have you ruled out the error being caused by the ummm.... user? :fight:

    it might be that mac that you are using. I could try to help using Internet explorer but I'm not too familiar with macs :doh:
  • I'm going to work in 20 minutes, but when I get home I'll take a stab at your score Susan. :peace:
  • Originally posted by Topper+May 13 2003, 09:58 PM-->QUOTE(Topper @ May 13 2003, 09:58 PM)
    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-manneman</i>
    @May 13 2003, 12:50 PM
    [b]I'm using a broadband connection wich has been tested to be the fastest in the country so I don't think that's the problem. I think there's something wrong with my computor.[/b]

    Manne... since you've ruled out your internet connection have you ruled out the error being caused by the ummm.... user?
    I know that I am able to think really fast and all but that the game would appear to work slower beacuse of that, I don't know.

    It all starts off really good, loads the game in a minute or so and the first three words goes fine. Then it's starts to lag and it usually happens when the bonus tiles pops up or when there are some other animation.
    Finally the game chokes on itself and I can go do the laundry while i wait for the letter I clicked on to be given an arrow.

    Any pointers, any ideas, any concelation money you can send me so that I can go to the pub and drown my sorrows?
  • it has be something with java. you might check your settings and do what ever tweaks we tried when you finally got into chat. (both are java apps)
  • also found something else you and other can try. While trying to beat spider's score. I was punted off the internet. I was still able to play without being hooked to the internet.

    Manne try to start the game and then log off the web. It also might be your firewall settings thinking the falling tiles are popup ads?

  • Well you now all have a new score to beat...!! It's unbelievable... with a score of 570340!!!!! It's Juggleknot!!!
    :o :notworthy:

    I continue to be amazed!!

    Here's the updated scoreboard!

    1. Juggleknot - 570340
    2. Spiderklown - 386920
    3. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    4. Daniel M STAFF - 175170
    5. Topper - 165560
    6. Squall9999 - 8440

    I'll update the website later, brilliant work from Juggle!!

    Hope Topper's advice helps Manne?
  • Thanks, for the advice. But unfortunatly I know to little about computors to execute either one of them. The only away I know how to disconnect from the internet is to pull the plug out...
  • Manne, on your lower right screen there should be two cute blinking computers.

    Right click them and two options will appear, your status and disconnect. Choose disconnect to walk away from the internet w/o pulling the plug!

    :clap: Yey! I'm in the scoreboard!! can I try again?
  • Lol, absolutely Squall! You can enter as many score's as you want, if you think you can beat your score!!
  • Oh no! I've got Nortan Antivires wich is a thing that dosent let you in to anything unsutible because i'm 12! :cry:
    But I have played bookworm on another site and it worked :blink:
  • Yeah! Bookworm here doesn't work anymore!!

    It always says Loading incomplete or Dictfail Loading!!
  • Well ive got it to work on the main page where you log in but how do you submit your score? :unsure: :think: :helpme:
  • Surely you didn't read the first post of this thread eh!!

    Well for your convinience, here what you have to do!!

    BTW! I copy pasted it fron Daniel because I don't know how to use the "Quote" thing


    1. Ok, Step 1.... stop at the end of your game, when your final score, longest word, rank etc... is displayed.

    2. Looking at this screen, press Alt + Print Screen (The Print Screen button is next to the F12 button)

    3. Next, go to your Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Paint.

    4. Once you have opened Paint, press Ctrl + V (on the notice that may come up about Bitmap size, just press "Yes") and your screenshot should be displayed.

    5. Now go to the toolbar on the top, File > Save. PLEASE Save the file as a "JPEG" file (you can change it from the little list of file types at the bottom of the save box, by default it is set as bitmap) Make sure you save it as a sensible name you will remember, and make sure it's saved in a place you will remember it!!

    6. Now for the final step, phew! Open up a new e-mail, and address it too [email]daniel.moss36@ntlworld.com[/email] and put the subject: APi Games Tournament (:Note: if you don
  • Thanks for that squall, I did read the first thread but I thought that was to send a screen shot! :blink:

    Oh and if you wan't to use a quote this is what you have to type in:

    [quote] your text here

    but you don't have to type it in blue! ;) and don't put in the first '[quote]'
  • Here's a revised Score Board, after Squall amazingly!!! Managed to top his previous score :D

    1. Juggleknot - 570340
    2. Spiderklown - 386920
    3. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    4. Squall9999 - 292860
    5. Daniel M STAFF - 175170
    6. Topper - 165560

    I promise i'll update the website with Juggle and Squall's screenshot's tommorrow morning...

    One suggestion for you Manne, is that Squall has downloaded the deluxe version of Bookworm onto his PC, which means you can play offline, it's free to download, and is exactly the same game... So maybe you could try that!

    Ali, that is how you submit a screenshot... which submit's your score, so once you're got a highscore you're proud of, follow those step's and send me the screenshot by e-mail and i'll submit your score to the score board

    And the bookworm link still work's fine for me...
  • Hehe! I could have gone farther than that, but I have to repect the conservation of of electricity, so I stopped after 3 and a half hours :helpme:

    Juggleknot should be thankful that I follow some principles :cunning:

    Anyway, I download a trial version, so there's a limit on my gaming. It's approximately 10 free games and after that its locked, you'll have to pay (I think $25) to unlock it!

    However, you can uninstall it and download it again for another 10 free games!!!

    The bummer is that I downloaded it for 30mins or so... :2cool:
  • I wish I had 3 and a half hours I hafta play and finish in my 45 minute lunch break. :peace:
  • Sorry, I can't download the delux version, it requires mac OS X and I run on version 9.
    I've been scaning the net for the basic version to download but it only excist as anonline game I'm afraid.

    Thanks for all the helping anyway.

  • Alright you people, you'd better look out 'cause I do not intend to sleep Friday night at all!!! I'll be on here and whoop those scores into the next oblivion!!!!! :fight:
    Muuuahahahhaahahahahaaa!!!!!! You'd better be prepared for :bash:
  • Oh! did I say 3 and a hlf hour?

    I should have said 3 and a half hour including watching TV and answering phone calls!!

    I could have done it in 10 mins....

    The next thing you'll know, I'll be over you all!!
  • It's getting pretty heated here :D

    We've got two more entries now to the scoreboard!

    1. Juggleknot - 570340
    2. WreckinBall - 423910
    3. Spiderklown - 386920
    4. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    5. Squall9999 - 292860
    6. Daniel M STAFF - 175170
    7. Topper - 165560
    8. Ali-g7 - 9850

    Who would of thought Suze's score, which looked unbeatable has now been beaten 3 times!!!

    I'll be updating the website very shortly, and adding the longest word, and best word scored by a member too!

    And if you think i'm happy at being 6th, think again... ;)

    The game is on!!! :)


    The website is now updated with all the screenshot's, HERE
  • :woot: Yes! My aim was to get on the scorebored and I got on it with a :swear: score! Is anyone else playing this! :blink:
  • 3 new scores tonight from Spiderklown, Ali-g7 and me... and you're all gonna hate me for this!!! ;)

    1. Daniel M STAFF - 657650
    2. Juggleknot - 570340
    3. Spiderklown - 498730
    4. WreckinBall - 423910
    5. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    6. Squall9999 - 292860
    7. Topper - 165560
    8. Ali-g7 - 35370

    :disco: I'll update the website tommorrow morning, for all those who don't believe me!
  • Oh! pulease!! Is that your best shot? :fight:

    I hate to submit my score because it will discourage all members to play, but I have too ya know! :punk:
  • Dan! You better get off that :swear: computer and study for your exams!! :lol:
  • Well said topper! :P :D
  • Ahhh shut up! The game is soo much more fun!!! :cry: :cry: :lol:

    Anyway, moving on :D

    Two new score's over night... and this time we're going to hate Squall!!!

    1. Squall9999 - 932800
    2. Daniel M STAFF - 657650
    3. Juggleknot - 570340
    4. Spiderklown - 498730
    5. WreckinBall - 423910
    6. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    7. Topper - 165560
    8. Lyndon M STAFF - 119180
    9. Ali-g7 - 35370

    If Suze thought her score at the beginning of the week would take some beating... think again!! There's 30 hours left of the tournament to go! Still one space to be filled on the score board should somebody else decide to take up the challenge, and we'll see if anybody can manage to get over 1 million, and snatch the tournament from Squall!!! I'll certainly be giving it one more go!

    Good luck all, website will be update shortly!

    Website updated, and as always can be found HERE...
  • NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!!!!!!
    Man, you all wait 'til I get on here this evening after work, when I have nothing better to do, like some of you obviously do!!!!! :P (unlike some people, I have to work all day, and have responsibilities when I get home, don't get to play on the computer all day/evening!) :cry:

    But, I'll be here this evening, and we'll see who's who then!! :fight:

    To the top 3, all I have to say is:

    drop your c0cks and grab your socks, it's time to RUMBLE!!!!
  • Honestly, I really had a hard time stopping!! I was about to be contented at a score of 600,000+ But there are words that seems to be knocking out red tiles!!

    Really, I should have to stopped at 600!! But I can't, even if I wanted too :doh:
  • The final countdown has begun... only 7 hours to go till the end of the tournie!! If any of you still have any scores please send them in!!!
  • Well, the first APi games tournament is now over!! And the winner, with a massive score of 932800 is Squall9999!! Very well done Squall! It's been a fun tournament i think anyway!

    The final scoreboard is...

    1. Squall9999 - 932800
    2. Daniel M STAFF - 657650
    3. Juggleknot - 570340
    4. Spiderklown - 498730
    5. WreckinBall - 423910
    6. Susan B STAFF - 372440
    7. Topper - 165560
    8. Lyndon M STAFF - 119180
    9. Ali-g7 - 35370

    And all the screenshots can be found HERE!

    It was the first tournament and very much a learning curve, now i've got a website up and running to post screenshots...

    I'm looking for some feedback from the 9 of you who did take part, and those who didn't...

    If you didn't take part... i'd be interested to know why, whether you couldn't access the game, didn't have the time, didn't enjoy the game... just so i can improve for future tournies!!

    I also want to know how often you'd like the tournaments... whether it be weekly, Monday - Saturday )in between the Trivia Sundays) , once every 2 weeks, once every month... (the tournament's will only last for a week whatever)

    And any other general comments and feedback and possible suggestions on how to improve!!!

    I hope it's been fun, and an event we can run again in the future!!
  • Congrats to Squall!! Well deserved!! :clap:

    So much for Speedie thinking she was going to swoop on in and take the crown eh?

    I think once every two weeks or so would be good. Plus anyone can save their screenshot for entering later.

    Dan a great time and great addicting game! (Now get back to studying :P )

    Hey I noticed the two high scores used the downloaded delux version. Hmmm... maybe since they get special extra value saphire and diamond tiles would account for their high scores!!

    Watch out for next tourney!! Topper is coming back strong! :fight:
  • Fluffster (*cough* 2nd division *cough*), the tournie idea is great, I remember the golf one we did way back when- Juggle was a bit of a player in that one I seem to recall!

    For the bookworm I pulled down a score of 261680 and meant to post it, but haven

  • I demand a re-play!!!!!!!! Those Deluxe edition players were cheating, plain and simple!!! There is no way that us 'regular' players can compete with that!! Sheeesh, it's soooo unfair!! **calls Mum crying her eyes out** :cry:

    I'm up for it once a month, and I'll get the Deluxe edition too!! :P
    I played last night for about 5 hours, but never even beat my own highest score!! I'm afraid I'll have to keep trying!!

    Congrats..... ( not really, but I can't be a sore loser now can I? ) to SQUALL. The best cheater won! :P
  • The downloaded trial version was exactly the same as the internet game Suze... :P

    The next tournament, which will probably in a week or two will be for a different game... one which won't take so long to play either, which should appeal to more members.

    My impression so far, is to run one tournament every month, with the tournament lasting for 2 weeks... sound good?

    Thanks for the feedback guys, and gals! :peace:

    Oh, and Steve.... :bash:

  • The downloaded trial version was exactly the same as the internet game Suze... [/b]

    Actually,Daniel,the downloadable deluxe version does have a few additions that lend themselves to scoring more (I've checked them out).While the competition is good,I would suggest making it just for the java-based versions and not for the downloadable ones.the once a month,2 week duration bit sounds good though-gives enough time for more to get a shot in.
  • Hmmm... :unsure: If there's extra scoring additions i obviously didn't see them... probably because i didn't score well enough :D

    The reason for using the downloaded version was that you could play offline... and i didn't see it was any different!
  • Hey! Hey! HEy!

    Whats all with the acusations?

    This is MY moment!! and I would like some respect from you all!!

    So stop calling me the #1 Cheater :cry:

    After all the hours spent, I think six :tired: , and this is what I get?

    Anyway, The Deluxe version is no different!! Try it yourself if ya don't believe me!!!

    The game that you played at the java has its own source!! and we downloaded that source!!

    Plus, the delux version is not updated to words that are 8 letters long!! Whereas the java has the 8 letter and up in its own mind!!

    That means, downloading the game hindered some of my powers to avoid bursting you all!! HAHAHAHA!!!
  • Squall,

    No one is saying anyone cheated.

    You deserve all the credit for taking that high score!

    Bask in your glory because next competition you'll see Topper passing you at a high rate of speed. (I just got a NOS system for my elelctric wheelchair)

    As said in the trivia chat room: Object in rear view mirror are geezier than they appear!
  • Squall,nobody's accusing anybody of anything-I was just correcting a small mistake regarding the assumption the deluxe version is the same as the java version.In the deluxe you can make words up to 12 letters long (as opposed to 8) and the deluxe version also has Sapphire and Diamond tiles for bonus scoring.
  • Well i never managed a word longer than 6 letter's, so that's probably how i failed to notice any difference! :woot:

    Anyway, i've got a great game ready for the next tournie ;) Which will probably start next Saturday! (and this time it'll be organised! :D)
  • :swear: Hell Squall!!!

    How long were you playing that for!!! :blink: :tired:

  • Alright, I checked out the Deluxe version for myself, and I found that there is the option for 12 letter words, and the 'bonus' saphire and diamond tiles as well, which are not available on the 'regular' version. (Just like Lyndon mentioned). I've found myself able to make 12 letter long words on the 'regular' version, only to be thwarted because there was an 8-letter limit, so this 12-letter version would have been mighty helpful for my scoring, if I'd used it! All I'm saying is, if we're going to compete, we should all be on the same level playing ground, so to speak.

    I'm looking forward to the new games you're gonna come up with Daniel, I am in serious kick-butt mode!!
  • May, I make a suggestion.

    Could the next tournament be 2 vs 2 league game.And in a game where winning is based more on skill and not how much time you can play the game in a row, like chess perhaps.Then everybody who want to play could register and the starting matches would be set.
  • The next game will be more skill based, and won't take so long to play, however as they say, practice makes perfect... so the longer you play ultimately the better you'll be...

    The 2 vs 2 league game format is one to look at for the future... but for the moment we'll stick with the whole scoreboard thing, since this will only be the second tournament, once it's established then we can introduce some cool new idea's, cheers for the suggestion Gabe, it's defiantely one for the future!!!
  • Ok Dan... you teased us during live chat about this new game that you had planned for us then leave us hanging. When do we start our next tourney?? :fight:
  • Hey, could someone send me a message when the new tourney starts so's I dont miss it? I tend to miss stuff or forget sometimes so if you could msg me that would be cool! Thanx

    :peace: OUT!
  • Very sorry everyone!!! I've been having internet problems all weekend and it chose to go down yesterday just as i was setting up the tournament, it'll be online within the next hour as long as my internet holds up!!!
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