Enter the Matrix - Sparks Hidden Assimulation
  • What should I do in the secret bonus level "Sparks Hidden Assimulation"?
  • This should help out- couldn't find any sign of a walkthrough that names the exact spot so some of this you may have covered already.

    Sparks Training (door one)
    * Once you complete the game (either character) wait til the end of the credits
    a code will be shown for a short period (see below). When you enter this
    it will open sparks training construct. From the load screen tap right to enter

    * Only one door is open initially. go to the wall and press the left button to start
    (red one on the far wall) the first training.

    * Pick up weapons from the wall rack and kill swat before they reach the line.
    Once you have completed a high score of 20 plus on the training the 2nd door
    will be open.

    * You can also now take part in the second training. Press the 2nd
    button on the right (green).

    * Use the sniper rifle to shoot the platform under the feet of the guards, so they
    fall, do this for a score of 20 plus. This is the 1st room clear.

    Sparks Training (door two)
    * Now make your way through the second door in the hallway and take out the
    swat on the way. Go through the door at the end.

    * You will now be in a room with a cage in the centre, Straight ahead you will see
    a large metal door - this is to the 2nd training room. (only open once you
    complete training two)

    * If you take the low door opening to the right. Take out the 2x swat high up on
    the level (climb up if you wish)
    Continue through to the next room on the right hand side back wall.
    In the room of boxes are more swat, like a survival mode they will come from
    the 2x side rooms with increasing numbers. When you are bored leave the room.

    * In the 2nd training room, through the double metal doors are 2x buttons again.
    Press the right red one to start training three.

    * Within the time limit kill 20 plus swat guys, this will unlock training four.
    This is the easiest just use sweep and keep them at bay.

    * Now press the left green button. (training four)

    * Training four requires you to knock off as many swats as you can within
    the time limit.. in 3 minutes try to sweep then kick swat off the side. Or jump
    kicks work well, dont fall off yourself or training is over.

    * Complete the final training (20 plus swat) and unlock...?

  • Thanks.