• No,no,no,no,no,no,no-
    Mama mia,mama mia,mama mia let me go-bohiem rhapsody-queen

    No, don't try to apologize-shakira-no

    No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama-blackeyedpeas-my humps

  • "Another tricky day, another gently nagging pain" Another Tricky Day by The Who

    "That'll be the day, when you say goodbye" That'll Be The Day by Buddy Holly

    "I walk out into the sun, try to find a new day but the whole place just screams in my eyes" Careless Memories by Duran Duran

    Keyword : Tonight

  • "Wake up late honey put on your clothes and take your credit card to the liquor store,
    That's one for you and two for me by tonight....
    I'll be loaded like a freight train, flying like an aeroplane, feelin' like a space brain
    One more time tonight" -Night train -GnR

    "Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999, do doo do, do do do" 1999-Prince

    "Can you hear the noise, all you girls and boys, tonight tonight tonigh tonight tonight tonight" Tonight-the Bates <- Underestimated group BTW<br />

    New word:

  • Okay, finally got my third "keyword" yesterday...whew! Trying to keep this as "clean" as possible...

    "You broke my will, oh what a thrill, goodness gracious great balls of fire" Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis

    "Some balls are held for charity and some for fancy dress" Big Balls by AC/DC

    "And the all time winner has got him by the balls" Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull

    Keyword : Live

  • Pretty easy word, can't believe no one got here before me...

    Live is life, nah nah nanah nah "Live is life"-Opus

    Who waaants to liiiiive forevah "Who wants to live forever"-Queen

    Forever young, I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever "Forever young"-Alphaville.

    New word:

  • We all live in a yellow submarine - The Beatles

    They call it mellow yellow quite rightly - Donovan

    My daddy had a yellow Riviera Star that he used to let me drive to school - Prince

    New Word - Bus

  • Im goin to be all tricky...

    Killing is my Business and Business is good! - Megadeth

    Verbal Abuse - Slayer

    Keeping the Cadaver Dogs Busy - Cryptopsy

    New Word - Fuel
  • "You provide me the lighter fluid, the FUEL to my fire"-Crazy in Love by Eminem

    "Gimme FUEL Gimme Fire, Gimme that which I desire"-Fuel by Metallica

    "Yeah, people like you just FUEL my fire.."-Fuel My Fire by The Prodigy

    Next word: WHOLE
  • "I'm gonna give you my love...ahhhh. Wanna whole lotta love" Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

    "There's no escape from the music in the whole d@mn street" Squeezebox by The Who

    "He's got the whole world in his hands" Church Hymn - In His Hands as sung by Steve Buscemi in the movie Con Air.

    Keyword : Time
  • Strumming my pain with his fingers (One Time) - Killing me softly : Fugees
    SSomething unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you hade the time of your life (in my pants) - Good riddance - Green Day
    Taaaaahaiaim is on my siiiiide, yesitis - Rolling Stones

    Next word
    Shot (or shoot, I'm not picky about tempus)
  • "I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy." I Shot The Sheriff by Eric Clapton
    (Double points for that one!)

    "Shot through the heart and you're to blame." You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi

    "A shot in the dark, one step away from you" A Shot In The Dark by Ozzy Osbourne

    Keyword : Easy
  • Thats why im EASY like sunday morning - Faith no More

    ooooooooooo we gotta take it EASY - Aerosmith

    She's an easy lover - Phil Collins


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